Neither the sign board nor the barricading, fear of accident. Neither the sign board nor the barricading, fear of accident

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The negligence of the Aachalda Nagar Panchayat of Auraiya is so dominant that they have no hesitation in playing with the lives of common people. Due to the pit dug for the beautification of the Nagar Panchayat at the middle crossroads, there may be a big incident someday.

A pit dug on the road.

A pit dug on the road.

truck stuck in a pit

A truck full of mooring was going towards Vidhuna at night at the intersection near Adarsh ​​Inter College on Funfud Achhalda Marg of the town. Due to the entrapment of vehicles, a pit was dug in the middle of the road to make a fountain to be beautified by the Nagar Panchayat on the main road of the town, Nagariya Chauraha. In which the wheel of a truck got stuck in the night, which was safely removed by the JCB machine at twelve o’clock in the night by the police. The sign board should not be put up by the Nagar Panchayat regarding the security, considering it necessary that the pit is lying for a month, no one has taken care.

Fountain being installed for beautification

Atsu Marg Square Beach Beautification Park Electric fountain device is being made on behalf of Nagar Panchayat Achhalda with the plan of the government. The contractor started the work for the construction work. There is a possibility of a big untoward incident from the pit someday, because the pace of work is being done very slowly. On the other hand, Nagar Panchayat Executive Officer Krishna Pratap Saral told that the beautification work of the intersection is going on. Instructions have been given to the contractor to put up a sign board and protect around the pit.

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