Nek initiative: Swara Bhaskar arrives in Meerut to meet Aparna found in a pile of garbage, donate baby care products too

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Swara Bhaskar had recently gone to Lucknow for film work and from there she gave a donation at the Specialist Adoption Agency run at Nekpur in Badaun. The desire to meet Aparna found in the garbage heap dragged him to this place. After spending the whole day with the children, Swara had promised Director Anoop Kumar Saxena and Manager Priyanka Johri that she would meet them again soon.

Baby care products donate
Corona is difficult to visit immediately, given the situation of crisis, but it seems that Swara’s heart is still with the children. He has sent 1000 diapers and baby care products to the Adoption Center yesterday. This shows Swara’s attachment and love towards children. Taking inspiration from this initiative of Swara, it will not be wrong to expect that more and more people will contribute to the society by doing such noble work.

Swara’s promise – will continue to help
Operator Anoop says- “Swara came to our adopted agency, Abhayakan Badaun, and hugged and caressed the girl found in a pile of garbage in Meerut. Her heart was very distressed for the orphans. It seemed as if those people were on one side Those who despise these innocent people, on the one hand, there are people who, even after reaching the heights, have love and respect for such children. They have promised that they will continue to support us. I believe that celebrity social reformer or great If thinkers will increase the morale by supporting such work or organizations like ours, then it is possible that new dimensions of social consciousness will be established.

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