Nek Initiative: To tackle the problem of waste caused by sanitary napkins, two students of a government school in Telangana made ‘Zero West’ sanitary napkins

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  • To Tackle the Problem of Waste Caused by Sanitary Napkins, Two Students of a Government School in Telangana Made ‘Zero West’ Sanitary Napkins from Organic Materials

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Students studying in a government school in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana have created a zero-waste sanitary napkin called Stree Raksha Padas to eliminate waste from sanitary napkins. Students of Zilla Parishad High School Mulkalpally have made these organic sanitary pads using seeds of hyacinth, fenugreek, turmeric, neem and sabja.

Sanitary pads made of organic goods

Swati, the student who made it, told the news agency that the pads found in the market do not end easily, so to solve this problem, we have made this napkin with organic goods. Also, many commonly used sanitary pads use many petroleum products, which have many side effects as well as many environmental problems.

This is how organic sanitary napkin is prepared

Talking about the process of this organic sanitary pad, Swati said that hyacinth paste along with neem leaves, fenugreek and turmeric is dried till solid board is formed. It is then cut into the shape of a common pad with the help of bee gum and fenugreek and saabja seeds are folded together on a board and placed between the cotton strips and then sealed.

It is important to create awareness among people

Anita, another student studying in the 10th standard of the same school, said, “It is important to create awareness among people and ourselves about menstruation. In such a situation, we decided to make this sanitary pad to create awareness and to give our participation in the use of organic sanitary pads. These pads not only help women during their menstruation, but are also environmentally friendly. “

Hyacinth is full of Ayurvedic properties

Swati told that after learning that in ancient times women with hyacinth essence in hyacinth used to tie it in cloth and use it as a sanitary pad with cow dung, we also decided to make sanitary pads with its help. Kalyani, the teacher who guides the students in making these pads, says that she is proud of her students for making female defense pads.

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