‘NEP guidelines detrimental to primary education setup’

Andhra Pradesh Primary Teachers’ Association State president A.G.S. Ganapati Rao on Sunday urged the government to withdraw its decision to merge classes of primary schools with nearby high schools, warning that it would lead to an increase in dropouts in villages.

He said that the State government’s plan to implement guidelines of National Education Policy (NEP) would be detrimental to the interests of children as they would be forced to travel long distances to reach the high schools.

“Many States in the country are keen on not disturbing the primary school set-up as the psychology of children of primary schools and those of high schools is different and they cannot easily mingle with each other. The government’s decision will lead to the closure of many primary schools. So, the government should consult various association before implementing the NEP guidelines which are not feasible at the ground-level,” said Mr. Ganapati Rao.

He said that the issue would be discussed with representatives of All India Primary Teachers’ Federation to step up pressure on the government to issue fresh guidelines to the respective States to strengthen primary education in villages and other places across the country.

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