New diseases have spread due to the use of excessive chemicals. New diseases spread due to the use of excessive chemicals

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Seasonal fruits and green vegetables are beneficial for health in Hamirpur, but the impact of cheap and harmful chemicals has not only faded their taste, but has also given rise to many types of diseases. Chemically ripened fruits look normal, but the chemical or carbide layer deposited inside and on the upper surface spoils the digestive system of the body.

Oxytocin injection is used to increase size
To increase the size of cucumber, cucumber, gourd, pumpkin, melon, watermelon, the use of oxytocin injection continues to come to the fore even today. Mandis are filled with carbide ripened fruits. Dangerous colors are also being used to make the vegetable appear green. From time to time, campaigns are also run in the district for the prevention of contaminated food items, despite this, there is a lot of chemical-rich food items in the markets.

Eating fruits ripened with chemicals causes serious illness
Dr. RS Prajapati, Physician of the District Hospital said that if you eat chemically cooked fruits and vegetables without any precautions, there may be complaints of sore throat, stomach or intestines with repeated sudden vomiting and diarrhea. In some people, there is a complaint of laziness along with feeling weak with skin infection. Children have a bad effect on their development. Whereas, the effect of the ongoing medicine to a person suffering from a disease also reduces to some extent. It is also called carbide chemical food poisoning.

This chemical can cause cancer
Chemicals are used to increase the yield of vegetables as well as fruits. Most commonly used in cucumber, tomato and mango plants, so that the growth of the plant starts early and the fruit or vegetable can come. In this, raw fruits and vegetables are immersed in large tubs filled with chemicals and left. The fruit ripens within 24 hours of this process. By eating fruits or vegetables prepared from this chemical, there is a risk of fatal diseases like cancer with kidney and liver, along with intestinal, stomach and skin related problems.

Chemical experiments are done to make apple shiny.

Chemical experiments are done to make apples shiny.

Mango, Banana, Apple all hit by chemicals
Mango, which is called the king of fruits, is out in the market. Mango contains many nutrients including calcium, iron, fiber, which make the body healthy and increase the glow. It is cooked as quickly as possible with carbide and sodawater gas. By eating ripe mangoes in this method, there is a bad effect on other parts of the body along with ulcers in the stomach.

Chemical experiments are done to make apple shiny
At present, the apples which are coming in the market are cooked with chemicals and many types of chemicals and wax are used to make them shiny. In such a situation, first of all clean the apples brought from the market by dipping them in lukewarm water. The body gets a lot of energy from bananas. Adequate amounts of vitamins, fiber, protein and magnesium are found in bananas. In this case, clean the banana before eating it. If the banana is half unripe or its inner layer is too solid or if it tastes like tangy, then refrain from eating it.

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