New Education Guidelines in China: China is also eyeing 6-year-old children in Hong Kong so that they do not become part of the demonstration

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  • China Is Also Eyeing 6 Year Olds In Hong Kong So That They Do Not Become Part Of The Demonstration

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Beijing / Hong Kong20 minutes ago

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Older people usually take part in demonstrations in the world, but in Hong Kong, children up to 6 years of age participated in government and anti-China demonstrations in 2019. Regarding this, the Chinese government is determined to capture the minds of Hong Kong’s children as well.

In fact, the Chinese administration in its special administrative region Hong Kong has issued a new education guideline for teaching nationalism to children. Under this, Chinese leaders are emphasizing on education so that they become loyal to China. So 6-year-olds are being taught how to stop the influence of external forces from growing and not to let their country be subject to any other.

Teachers will tell the children that the police and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are Hong Kong’s guardians. Along with this, they will also inform children about matters like terrorism and separatism. In middle schools, students will learn what are the 4 main offenses, which if committed can lead a person to remain behind bars for life.

A cartoon video has also been released by the government. It features an owl wearing a graduation cap, telling about Hong Kong’s Institution architecture. Along with this, he is also giving information about duties for the Central Government and National Security Act. A point in the video states that national security matters are of great importance to the country.


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