Nightmare visits the American Capitol, as costs of Trumpism keep mounting

The wrongness of what visited the American Capitol while the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win was taking place there, cannot be overstated. For two months President Donald Trump has kept insisting that he won the election, inciting “falsehoods and false hopes” among the 74 million who voted for him, with senior Republicans continuing to stand by his side. And all that vitriol came to a fearful boil.

Indeed, even after the angry mob had been evicted and the joint session of Congress reconvened, Republican challenges to the presidential election result continued. Police role in the whole nightmare is also shameful, and not just for their failure to protect the Capitol, from an attack that they should have well anticipated and prepared against. Early reports suggest that some police personnel showed solidarity with the rioters, taking selfies with them etc, and finally it was Vice-president Mike Pence who facilitated the mobilisation of the National Guard to control the situation.

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“Stop the steal” the rioters were shouting. But it will take a long time to count what they and their hero have stolen from their country. At the least, American exceptionalism stands ground into dirt. But it is also an object lesson for democracies everywhere, about the costs of sowing discord and hatred for political and partisan ends

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