Nilgai fell in the well, rescue started from morning, forest department pulled out after 4 hours of hard work | Nilgai fell in the well at night, rescue started from morning, forest department pulled out after 4 hours of hard work

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  • Nilgai Fell In The Well, Rescue Started From Morning, Forest Department Pulled Out After 4 Hours Of Hard Work

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Hiralal Yadav tying the rescue equipment to the Nilgai by landing in a 65 feet deep well.

  • Bamhauri Renguwan village incident in North Forest Division
  • A large number of villagers helped in the rescue operation

In the village of Bamhauri Renguwan, which falls in the North Mandal range, a blue cow fell into a well about 65 feet deep last night. Which was taken out on Saturday afternoon. The forest department team rescued the Nilgai with the help of villagers and after about 4 hours of hard work took it out. After this, he was left open in the nearby forest. Forest officials said that there are about 65 feet of deep well near Ratona railway gate in Bamhauri Renguwan village of North Forest Division area. Last night a Nilgai fell into the well due to lack of boundary around the well. Due to having 3-4 feet of water in the well, she did not submerge and continued to yearn to get out of the well itself. On Saturday morning, Sanjay Sharma of the village called the forest department and informed about the fall of Nilgai in the well. Rescue teams from North Forest Division and South Forest Division reached the spot immediately thereafter. Due to the deep well and raw and heavy Nilgai, there was a lot of difficulty in rescue. In the initial attempts, when the Nilgai could not be taken out, Hiralal Yadav, a member of the forest department’s rescue team, landed in the well with a rope and the rescue equipment was tied in the feet and waist of Nilgai. After this, Nilgai was pulled out of the well with the help of villagers. After this rescue operation which lasted about 4 hours, Nilgai could come out of the well at 2 pm. The team consisted of Akash Pasi, Lakhan Patel, Deepak Rackwar, Uttam Razak, Chandrapratap Singh and Krishna Kumar Prajapati. Apart from these, the villagers also helped to rescue. Forest officials said that due to the width of the well and being raw, there was a lot of trouble in rescue.


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