Nimrit Kaur’s spilled pain: The actress had increased her weight by 15 kg for her role in ‘Tenth’, said – this increased weight was mentally and physically very painful

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Getting into a character is a daunting task and at times actors have to take extreme steps to undergo their body transformation. Sometimes you have to put your health at risk. Something similar happened with actress Nimrit Kaur as well. Actually, the actress had to increase 15 kilos for her upcoming film ‘Dasvi’, which she did. However, it was not easy for Nimrit to lose this weight. Recently, in a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Nimrit revealed that he had to face many difficulties for his body transformation. He has also shared some special things related to his professional life.

Makers told just one line and I agreed to the film
When the filmmakers first came to me with the script, my first reaction was if they would change their mind to cast me (smiling). Believe me, I did not even read the script to agree to the film, just one of his lines impressed me – ‘This character is a village politician, who does not know how to speak at first’. But, later he gets addicted to power. I was very impressed by this talk of the makers.

Mother used to send different types of parathas from Delhi.
For the character of Bimala Devi, he gained 15 kg, which was very challenging. We had hired a nutritionist for weight gain. My mother from Delhi used to make different types of parathas and freeze them and deliver them to me. Tushar (director of the film) also used to get sweets, samosas, gajar ka halwa, jalebi etc. things from his house, so that my weight would increase.

The increased weight was very painful – mentally and physically
I am associated with this field for many years. But, the body transformation that had to be done for this character was really full of difficulties. I had made eating food my job, which had become problematic for me. After a time, I had a fear that I might remain 70 kg. I was afraid if I would be able to return to my old look. It took me around 6-7 months to get into my character. I started gaining weight after Diwali 2020. We started the shoot in February 2021. Meanwhile, the lockdown was imposed. I had 3 days of shooting left. Even if I wanted to, I could not reduce my weight. For about 4 months, I had to handle myself like this, which was very painful – mentally and physically. It seemed that where I got stuck. I had trouble sleeping, my knees and joints hurt. She used to keep herself positive, thinking that this day too will pass. When the shooting was over, I started losing weight.

Started keeping myself fit by doing yoga and pilates
I love my food and I don’t want to change my habit. So, I try to exercise as much as I can and take care of myself so that I can eat whatever I want. Along with this, she started keeping herself fit by doing yoga and pilates. I start my day with oatmeal for breakfast. Depending on my mood, I add some eggs or toast to it. I don’t like juice, so I try to eat fruits and nuts whenever possible. These days, I am eating less meat and focusing on vegetables. Also, I have dinner by 7 pm. These little things helped me a lot to lose weight.

Regret not being a part of Rakesh Sharma’s biopic
Didn’t do many Bollywood films after ‘Airlift’ because the films that came to me were not very interesting. The characters weren’t interesting at all, they were like I’ve done in the past and some projects just didn’t happen at the right time. I was being offered similar roles. I always wanted to do comedy. I want to explore myself as an actor and bring something new in front of the camera every time. I want to explore all kinds of genres. Just can’t see myself repeating on the screen. During this time I was offered Rakesh Sharma’s biopic. But, due to some of my Hollywood commitments, I could not do it. I will always regret this.

Bollywood industry needs to be a little more imaginative
I have been a part of Hollywood and I think there is one thing we should learn from him and that is to believe in our own stories. The Bollywood industry has to be a little more imaginative. We should explore the stories of our country. Every day we adapt films from Hollywood stories, which is not wrong, but it is important to be a little creative.

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