Nitesh Rane asked for security for Disha Salian’s fiance, letter to Home Minister – Rohan is not coming back to Mumbai due to fear of Bahubalis

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  • Nitesh Rane Asked Security For Disha Salian’s Fiance In A Letter To Home Minister And Wrote Rohan Not Coming Back To Mumbai Due To Fear

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BJP MLA Nitesh Rane wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday. In this letter, he demanded protection against his fiance Rohan Rai during the current investigation of Disha Salian death case. Nitesh had claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput death case was linked to the death of Disha. Now Rane has expressed concern that the Mumbai Police had not made any inquiry with Disha’s live-in partner.

Rohan left Mumbai after a week

Nitesh has given the reason behind writing this letter that Rohan’s departure from Mumbai only one week after Disha’s death is a big matter. Rane also alleged that some musclemen may have pressured him, due to which he is afraid to return to Mumbai. In the letter, Rane has also written that he was with him when direction fell, while it was reported that Rohan reached there only 20-25 minutes after the accident.

I want him to get security so that CBI interrogates Rohan, he will get important clues. Because it is sure that Disha-Sushant’s death is linked to each other.

CBI may interrogate Rohan in Sushant case

If we talk about Rohan, then he is in Mangalore these days. Disha’s death was allegedly caused by a fall from the 14th floor of Malad’s building on 8 June. In the Sushant case, CBI is also sending summons to those who are associated with Disha’s death, according to the news of Republic TV. In this connection, Rohan Rai is also going to be called for questioning, but Rohan is not in Mumbai.



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