No leachate flow into Kadambrayar, claims Kochi Corporation

The Kochi Corporation has carried out several works to improve the solid waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram, according to the authorities.

The treatment of leachate would not be a problem even in monsoon as the septage treatment plant has the capacity to store about 1 lakh litres. The leachate generated is collected in the one-lakh litre capacity collection tank behind the compost plant through a network of drains, pointed out the Secretary of the civic body in its reply to the notice issued by the State Pollution Control Board.

The civic body admitted that the plant roof had collapsed, but heaping and composting of waste was being carried out at the site. No leachate was flowing into the Kadambrayar and Chitrapuzha. A one-lakh litre capacity tank constructed behind the plant collects all the leachate from the plant through a network of drains constructed around the compost plant. The collected leachate is taken to the septage treatment facility of the corporation and treated there. There is no draining of leachate into the Kadambrayar, it said.

There are many industrial establishments in the upstream portion of the Kadambrayar in Brahmapuram itself. The board is remaining discreet on this issue. There are physical evidence of such industrial units draining their toxic effluent into the Kadambrayar without any treatment. Without established data on the water quality of the Kadambrayar at the downstream and upstream portion of the solid waste treatment plant, it is to be inferred that the board is targeting and blaming only the corporationโ€™s solid waste treatment plant for polluting the river, it alleged.

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