Noida Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) Bharat Bandh Latest Update | No Impact In Lucknow Noida Meerut Mathura Varanasi | Markets were open – roads were jammed; The performance of farmers could not leave a big impact due to these 5 reasons

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This photo was from Allahabad where SP workers were seen performing on the highway. Here the police immediately removed him from there.

  • No strong impact in western Uttar Pradesh and Purvanchal during Bharat bandh in Uttar Pradesh
  • The government had issued an alert in all districts about the demonstration and deployed a large number of forces

Worked in the mandis in Muzaffarnagar called the bastion of the Indian Farmers Union in western UP on a daily basis. Here, from 4 o’clock in the morning, the farmers kept sitting on their cushion, then the farmers reached to sell their goods. However, today the crowd was not as crowded as it should be. One farmer told that most of the farmers did not bring their goods due to the fact that the vehicles should not be stopped due to the shutdown of India. May there be no loss of them. The farmers made it clear that there is not much impact of the closure of India. A similar view was seen in other cities of UP as well. In most places, some people blocked the road, the train stopped and the rest of the market remained open as usual.

Actually, pro-farmer groups and opposition parties jointly announced Bharat Bandh on 8 December, but the Bharat Bandh in UP could not fully show its impact. Why did this happen? When this question was reconstructed, many reasons emerged.

Reason number 1: Top farmer leaders have retained the reins on the border
For the first time, farmers announced the closure of India. It was feared that its biggest impact would be seen in western UP, but in western UP, India could not leave any major impact. Senior journalist Anil Chauhan explains that the main reason behind this is that the big leaders of the Kisan Union have taken over the reins of the farmers movement on the Delhi border. In the districts of Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat, Meerut and Saharanpur in western UP, the younger leaders are already under police arrest or taken into custody. In such a situation, the sporadic leaders blocked the road somewhere on their level, and in a small number of farmers reached the mandi.

Reason number 2: UP’s farmers could not unite
There used to be a time when farmers leader Mahendra Singh Tikait used to announce that farmers from all over UP used to reach him, but now it is not so. Senior journalist Pradeep Kapoor says that in reality, the farmers are divided into different slots like political parties. They no longer have effective leadership. The farmers of UP are no longer united. This is the reason why solidarity did not appear when the need arose.

Reason number 3: MSP has no effect on UP farmers
Senior journalist Brijesh Shukla says that UP farmers are exploited in the market. It is neither hidden from the government nor from the peasant leaders. But nothing happens for him. In such a situation, when the grain of the farmer is not sold in the market, then the money that is received outside the market. Sells without a stick. Actually, the farmers of UP have no problem with the agricultural law. There is nothing new in the farmers’ bill. Everything was already going on. Also, most of the sugarcane farmers are in western UP. They too are divided into political parties. Which are not united.

Reason number 4: The strictness of the police and being a BJP-ruled state also affected
There is a BJP government in UP. In such a situation, the Yogi government had already geared up to close Bharat. Senior journalist Pradeep Kapoor says that under the Yogi government, the leaders who could have made a fuss or commotion or left their influence were either put under house arrest or taken into custody. Since the farmer leader is mostly on the border, the impact of the Bharat Bandh in different cities of UP also decreased. Pradeep says that the supporters of the ruling party reached Mandi today and were also seen in a large number of markets. This is the reason that the impact in UP was less.

Reason number 5: The apathy of political parties too grew
On 7 December, SP President Akhilesh Yadav staged a sit-in in support of farmers in Lucknow. At the same time, during SP, most of the SP, Congress leaders have either been placed under house arrest or taken into custody. Pradeep Kapoor says that just as the ruling party tried to neutralize the closure of Bharat under planning, the opposition parties should also formulate their strategy. This is why opposition parties fall behind. Now you see, the BSP supported Bharat Bandh but not a single person of theirs appeared on the road. He said that it is a matter of public concern that if the opposition parties came together with solidarity and strategy, then India would definitely leave its influence in UP.


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  • January 24, 2021 at 5:13 am

    IAS, IPS, PCS and sinuous politicians have destroyed Uttar Pradesh, most of them are looters, Yogi is unfit to rule. The best would be for Yogi to resign and terminate IAS, IPS and PCS.

    Ramesh Mishra

  • February 23, 2021 at 7:10 am

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