Nominated for UP Legislative Council on Monday; Unopposed victory of BJP candidates Nomination was done for UP Legislative Council on Monday, nomination canceled due to low age

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The nomination paper of SP candidate Kirti Kol for the Legislative Council in Uttar Pradesh has been rejected. The minimum age to be elected as a member of the Legislative Council should be 30 years. But in the nomination paper of Kirti Kol, the age of 28 has been shown. His papers were rejected today during the scrutiny of nomination papers. With this, both the BJP candidates will get elected unopposed.

The last date for the elections to the 2 seats of the UP Legislative Council was Monday. BJP has fielded Dharmendra Singh Sainthwar and Nirmala Paswan as its candidates. The SP had fielded Kirti Kaul, who hails from the tribal community.

“SP does not know the constitution”
BJP candidate Nirmala Paswan on the cancellation of Kirti Kol’s nomination said, “Our victory was already decided. SP does not even know the constitution. I am sad that a tribal woman was used by SP. A tribal The woman was thrown into the field without knowledge.

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