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Nora Fatehi Demands ‘Best Performer In A Song’ Category In Awards Shows, Says ‘Evee Since Bollywood Came…’

Nora Fatehi has a special demand from Bollywood award shows.

Nora Fatehi feels that dance performers should be acknowledged by the Bollywood award shows.

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards held in Abu Dhabi on May 27 were a star-studded affair. The prestigious event attracted A-listers from the entertainment industry, who dazzled the audience with their exceptional performances. However, one particular gig by Varun Dhawan and Nora Fatehi had grabbed the attention of fans. Nora Fatehi who often enthralls everyone through her dance numbers in films recently mulled over why dance performances are not given their dues in film awards.

Speaking with Zoom Entertainment, Nora Fatehi shared, “Some of our icons have reached that stature icons because of their dance styles, but never awarded for their iconic dances that made Bollywood what it is today. I hope that changes one day,”

She further added, “Ever since Bollywood came into existence, dance has shaped the identity of the industry. It’s one of the reasons why Bollywood is popular globally. Dance is what sets Bollywood apart from other film industries. Over the decades, we have seen a variety of dance styles on the big screen, and of late, we can see more diversity in dance styles and music, which I find really cool. Let’s see that at award shows as well.”

The actress and dancer also emphasized the need to make more films around the discipline of dance. She stated, “I believe there is so much scope to make dance films in India that tell different stories and explore newer genres. They do not always have to be your typical competition dance films. There are so many stories that can be told through dance and I don’t think that space has been touched yet. I would love to do an intense emotional love story set with a backdrop of dance and drama. I recently realised that dance all these years has actually been a factor that lets me relieve my stress. My mind and body actually need to dance to stay healthy and strong.”

Nora Fatehi rose to fame after her participation in the ninth season of Indian reality show Bigg Boss. Her screen presence led to numerous opportunities as a reality show contestant. Nora Fatehi began her journey as a dancer from Jhalak season 9. Since then, there’s been no looking back for her. Today, she thrives as an accomplished dancer, actor and sought-after performer in music videos.

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