Not enforcing lockdown strictly will lead to rolling out red carpet for COVID-19, says Ramadoss

The PMK founder said only a strict lockdown for a few more weeks, would help in controlling the spread

PMK Founder S. Ramadoss on Thursday said that the State government not enforcing the lockdown strictly and the public not following it would, in effect, lead to rolling out a red carpet for COVID-19.

In a statement, he welcomed the Madras High Courtโ€™s observation that the lockdown must be implemented strictly.

Dr. Ramadoss pointed out that traffic congestion on roads and the fact that 60 lakh people had applied for e-registration shows that the lockdown has not been effective.

Only a strict lockdown for a few more weeks, would help in controlling the spread and both the State government and public have failed to realise it, which is concerning, he added.

Mr. Ramadoss said even though the daily case count is coming down, the State has not fully recovered. Only if over 70% of the population is vaccinated, the State can safely say it has come out of the danger of COVID-19 spread; however this may take months or even years to achieve, he added.

He urged the state government to enforce the lockdown strictly and also the public to follow the guidelines.

In a Twitter post, Mr. Ramadoss noted that Tamil Nadu tops the daily case counts and said it was possible for the public to bring it down to the last position, by following the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.


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