‘Not Getting The Kick’: Man Complains To Madhya Pradesh Minister About Liquor Shop

Lokendra Sothiya has said he will move the consumer forum in Ujjain on Monday.

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh:

In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district, the police have been left puzzled by two unusual complaints. A vehicle parking lot operator has written to the state’s home minister Dr Narottam Mishra seeking action against a liquor vend claiming he didn’t get a ‘kick’ after consuming country liquor brought from there. In another grievance, a man in the same district has submitted a complaint to the police over the theft of his slippers saying he won’t be responsible if someone places them at a crime scene.

A private car parking operator Lokendra Sothiya has said he will move the consumer forum in Ujjain on Monday after failing to get intoxicated by two ‘quarter’ bottles of the country made liquor which he bought from a licensed liquor vend in the Kshirsagar Ghati area of Ujjain on April 12. He complained about the matter to the local excise department office and also sent a copy to the state’s home minister Narottam Mishra.


The Khachrod police in the Ujjain district received a complaint on May 5 about the theft of a farmer’s footwear. The farmer, Jitendra Bagri, a native of Tarod village alleged in the complaint that his black coloured slippers worth Rs 180 were stolen by someone from his house on May 4. He feared that the stolen slippers (which he bought a month back) could be used by the thief to frame him by leaving them at some crime scene in the future.


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