Not only standup comedy, ‘Gajodhar-Bhaiya’ dominated in 17 films: From 1988 to 2017, Raju tickled acting-comedy, got entry in Bollywood with the film Tezaab

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The year was 1988, films like Shahenshah, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Tezaab were being talked about from cinema halls to streets. That era was of typical hero films, in which people used to go to talkies only to see the lead hero. But in the meantime, a normal face drew people towards itself. The name was… Raju Srivastava.

Raju first appeared as a film actor in the 1988 film ‘Tezaab’. Even though he played a small role in this film, his acting caught the attention of big filmmakers. This was the reason that a year later i.e. in 1989, Rajshri Productions included him in their mega project ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. Raju acted in 17 films from 1988 to 2017. Let’s go to know 5 famous film characters of Raju, after that we know 5 most popular dialogues of comedy …

Film: Income Eighteen Expenditure Rupee
Roll: baba chin chin chu
Release Year: 2001

The movie Aamya Athani Kharcha Rupaiya, which released in 2001, starred Govinda, Juhi Chawla, Tabu and Johnny Lever. Raju played the role of a goon named ‘Baba Chin Chin Chu’ in the film, who arrives to rob a Seth’s house. In this film, his dialogue ‘Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu Baba Chin Chin Chu, Kar Dalunga Tere Ko How Do You Do’ became very famous.

Film: understand feelings
Roll: Daya From Gaya
Release Year: 2010

In the 2010 film Bhavna Ko Samjho, Raju played the role of a recoverer. Her name in the film was ‘Daya from Gaya’. In this film, he liked a scene in the crematorium, in which Daya brings a dead body to life. Instead, he says something like this to pay her interest, ‘I am Daya from Gaya, give interest, give interest, give interest, give interest, give interest.’

Film: big brother
Roll: auto rickshaw driver
Release Year: 2007

Big Brother was an action film by the way. It had Sunny Deol in the lead role. But Raju Srivastava’s role of auto driver was well liked. During a scene in this film, Raju jokes with his fellow drivers. He tells a story to friends. He says, “Brother yesterday, an elderly man sat in our auto. The auto was stopping again and again to lighten up. Frustrated, we asked, brother, you are not happy. On this he said that son chain is there, but not open.” has been.” After this everyone starts laughing out loud.

Film: Bombay to Goa
Roll: hospital ward boy
Release Year: 2007

In the 2007 film Bombay to Goa, Raju appeared in the role of a hospital ward boy. In the film, Raju is taking a patient for treatment in a wheel chair. During this, he starts scaring her by telling stories of ghosts. While narrating the story, he throws the patient under the stairs.

Film: will find us wherever we go
Roll: Servant
Release Year: 2007

Jahan Jayega Hum Paayega was a crime-thriller movie released in 2007. In this film, Raju Seth appeared in the role of Kader Khan’s servant. In one scene, he steals 10 rupees from his master’s pocket. But the owner catches them. This scene is still quite viral on YouTube.

Apart from these characters, Raju Srivastava’s film juggler I’m Charlie’s friend, i’m crazy about love servant in and I have loved He was seen in the role of a driver in the film. His mimicry of Amitabh Bachchan and other film stars was also well-liked.

Finally, let’s see this graphic related to Raju’s filmography…

  • 5 most popular dialogues of Raju’s comedy

The name of the barber made Raju a comedy king, lower birth and Lalu’s mimicry made him an identity

Raju Srivastava… A smile blossoms on his face as soon as he hears the name. Names like Gajodhar, Sankatha, Baijnath and Puttan come to mind. Raju used these names so much in his comedy that this name became nationwide. Gajodhar became so popular, Raju Srivastava himself got the name.

Today we will know 5 famous comedy dialogues of Raju Srivastava which made him reach the top, but before that we know the story of his nickname Gajodhar Bhaiya.

Gajodhar Bhaiya had a guitar made on his chest
Raju Srivastava’s maternal uncle’s house is in Bighapur village of Unnao. Raju says, โ€œWhen we used to go to maternal uncleโ€™s house in childhood, a new one used to come there to cut hair. His name was Gajodhar. Always used to have fun. Had a tattoo of guitar on his chest. Used to say that when itching. I do then it sounds. He was so funny that his name crossed my tongue.”

Raju reached the finals of the first season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show.  This picture was taken during the same show.

Raju reached the finals of the first season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show. This picture was taken during the same show.

Raju made his comedy debut with the TV show Tea Time Manoranjan. Here he was seen with Suresh Menon and Brajesh Harjee. On June 3, 2005, when The Great Indian Laughter Challenge began, Raju’s fortunes turned once again. He won everyone’s heart by becoming a Gajodhar here.

Now let’s move on to his 5 best dialogues…

Dialogue 1: When Gajodhar reached the station
A major part of Raju’s comedy has been around the railway station. “Aye yadav, sankatha, gajodhar, birju, e train apna chhuta ya baju wala” It became so popular that even today most of the memes are made on it. Short videos are being made with Raju’s voice.

Dialogue 2: Fight for the ticket for the lower berth
On the stage of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Raju did a dashing comedy about the lower birth. A person takes a lower berth ticket by paying Rs 500 more. While eating the air, a woman comes with her old mother-in-law. Requests you to give the lower berth. Gajodhar gives the lower berth. After lying up for some time, they come in the role of giving slippers to people by lying down.

Shekhar Suman, the judge of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show, said that the more fun comedy Raju does, the better his facial expressions are.

Shekhar Suman, the judge of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show, said that the more fun comedy Raju does, the better his facial expressions are.

Dialogue 3: Stay awake, don’t rely on me
Raju Srivastava narrated a story about the guard of his building. All the people of the building gathered and it was decided that the guard should be fired. This is because he used to speak while staying awake, but would speak slowly, don’t trust me.

Dialogue 4: Lightening Cream
Raju never did comedy about someone’s complexion. Criticized continuously for the ad of whitening cream. At the Laugh India Laugh show, she said, “Virat Kohli is advertising fair handsome cream, who is born fair. If you have the same ability to turn fair, then get it checked on me.”

Dialogue 5: What would have happened if Katrina’s name was Savitri
Raju Srivastava had reached Kapil Sharma’s famous show Comedy Nights with Kapil. He started a comedy with the name of the actress. What if Katrina’s name was Savitri Devi, Alia Bhatt’s name was Satyavati, Kapil’s name was Ramashankar, Sidhu’s name was Ayodhya Prasad? Could it have become so popular?

After this Raju said, some districts are like they are standing like a shy girl in some corner. For example, Bareilly, Orai, Parail, Puri, Pune, Churu. There are some places which are full of pride, Karnataka, Chittorgarh, Bhatinda, Howrah, Katgodam. Howrah, Nala Sopara.

Raju Srivastava doing standup comedy in Kapil Sharma's famous show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Raju Srivastava doing standup comedy in Kapil Sharma’s famous show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

The top-5 dialogues of Raju’s comedy end here. He once said a very interesting thing on standup comedy. He should know too…

Raju had said, when I came to Mumbai, people did not consider comedians as a good actor. At that time the jokes started with Johnny Walker and ended with Johnny Lever. There was no scope for stand up comedy at that time. So in the initial days I could not get what I wanted.

Graphic: Nishu Kumari

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