Notice sent to 187 principals, for uniform, Rs. Notice sent to 187 principals, money is to come in accounts for uniform

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Money is not reaching their account due to lack of online verification

In the primary schools of Firozabad, 100% Aadhaar card verification could not be done so far. For this, the government had given time till June 30. Aadhaar verification of children studying in 187 schools is pending. The Basic Education Officer (BSA) has given two days’ time, giving notice to the respective headmasters.

children did not get uniform
In the academic session 2022-23, money will be sent to the parents’ account to buy two pairs of uniforms, shoe-socks, sweaters, bags and copy-pencils for the students studying in council schools. For this, other data including Aadhar card and bank account of students and parents have been uploaded on the Prerna portal. The government has given instructions to do Aadhaar verification before sending money.

Verification not done in these tehsils
Till now Aadhaar verification of students of 187 schools of Firozabad, Jasrana, Khairgarh, Madanpur, Narkhi, Shikohabad, Nagar area Firozabad, Shikohabad, Tundla, Eka, Araon blocks has not been done.

Due to which you will not be able to send money under DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). BSA Anjali Aggarwal said, “The amount will be sent to the accounts of the parents through DBT. Two days’ time has been given to the negligent principals by giving notice. If the work is not completed, then action will be taken to stop the salary.”

errors in verification
During the Aadhaar verification of children on the Prerna portal, flaws are coming to the fore. Most of the mistakes are in the English (spelling) of the name. The verification on the portal has to be done with English spelling, due to which the problem is coming. Along with this, the option of linking Aadhaar of other guardians of children whose father has died is not present on the portal.

The amount will come for the goods-
– Rs 600 for two pairs of uniforms
– Rs 200 for sweater
– Rs 175 for the bag
– Rs 175 for shoe-socks
– Rs 100 for stationery

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