Now Shekhar Suman opened a front against Bollywood: Said- these people are more dangerous than snakes; If I take his name, I will end my son’s career.

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Ever since Priyanka Chopra has given a statement against Bollywood, many actors are seen coming forward in her support. Now famous actor Shekhar Suman has also expressed his pain.

He said that some people in the industry had ganged up against him and his son Adhyayan Suman. Shekhar says that a gang runs in Bollywood, they can destroy whomever they want. He said that Priyanka’s decision to leave the industry was absolutely right.

‘Four people got removed from many projects together’
Shekhar Suman wrote in the tweet, ‘I know four such people in Bollywood who formed a gang to remove me and study from many projects. They have a lot of influence here, they are more dangerous than a snake.

Although he may create as many obstacles in my way as he wants. I’m not going to stop with this. No power in the world can stop me. They might stop my progress for a while, but I am a fighter. In the end, victory will be mine.

‘There is a gang in the industry, they destroy human beings’
He further wrote, ‘Whatever Priyanka has said is not shocking in any way. Because everyone knows how the gang in the industry works. They will bother you until you are completely ruined.

The same happened with Sushant Singh Rajput. Same can happen to others either learn to live with it or leave it. Priyanka decided to leave the industry at the right time and today she has become a global icon through Hollywood. It is late in God’s house, not dark.

‘If his name is taken, I will end my son’s career’
A social media user asked Shekhar who are the four people he is talking about. In response to this, he wrote, ‘What will happen even if I take his name. Will he accept his mistake? Just a news will be found to drive the media. Some day people will get content to enjoy on social media. If I take his name, then the career of son Adhyayan can suffer a lot.

Priyanka was troubled by the politics of Bollywood
He recently gave an interview about why Priyanka chose the path of Hollywood leaving Bollywood. Priyanka said that she left the industry at the peak of her career because she was fed up with the politics in Bollywood.

He said, ‘I was being pushed into a corner in the industry. People were not casting me. I had complaints against people. I’m not good at playing those kinds of games. I was tired of politics and I needed a break.

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