Now students will be able to download the marksheet with the help of face, the board has introduced Facial Recognition System for children of 10th-12th

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  • CBSE Facial Recognition System | Now Cbse Board Students Will Be Able To Download Marksheets Only With The Help Of Face, The Board Has Introduced Facial Recognition System For Students Of 10th 12th

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced a new system for 10th-12th students to download marksheets and other documents. Now 10th and 12th students will be able to download their documents from DigiLocker without Aadhaar and mobile number only. Actually, the board has introduced Facial Recognition System for downloading documents, with the help of which students can download their documents anytime anywhere.

Foreign students will benefit

In this regard, CBSE spokesperson Rama Sharma told Bhaskar that students will be able to access this new system only through DigiLocker. For those students who have forgotten the DigiLocker password or their mobile number or are unable to open DigiLocker for any other reason, this technique will be very helpful for them. Especially foreign students, who do not have an Aadhaar card, will be able to easily download their marksheets and certificates anywhere through this system.

How Facial Recognition Technique will work?

Spokesperson Rama Sharma said that it is an application software, in which the mark sheet and certificate will be made available to them after reading the face and matching it to the details of the store students already in the database like photos etc. Students can download these documents later as per their convenience. Once the student’s face matches the existing digital image of the database, they can access and download it. This application is now available for “Examination Manjusha” and all 2020 records on Digilocker


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