Nurses demand rise in salaries, other benefits

Nurses working on contract basis in the Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences have submitted a memorandum to the government demanding increased salaries and other benefits.

For 13 years, “we have worked for only ₹10,000 consolidated pay. We are not getting any allowances. The Union and State governments promised us COVID-19 allowance and special health and life insurance benefits. We have not got any,” they said.

They pointed out that a Government Order that revised their basic salaries in 2019 has not been implemented. This order said that all contract employees should get salary equal to basic salary given to a permanent employee. This needs to be implemented immediately, they said.

Now, “most of us are working for over 12 hours a day. Our work is not recognised,” they said. The State government is paying ₹25,000 per month salary to recruits, but senior nurses continue to get ₹10,000 per month.

They also released a video stating their demands that was widely circulated on social media.

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