Nusrat Jahan said for the first time: I did not make any mistake by deciding to become a mother and neither am I a single mother, my son has a father

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Nusrat Jahan, an actor of Bengali films and TMC MP, has openly expressed her views on the decision of becoming a mother. Nusrat told during her chat show Ishq with Nusrat that it was a bold decision. Nusrat also said that she is not a single mother, her child Yeshaan has a normal father and a normal mother. In the same show, Nusrat also told about the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.

I am proud of my decision
In a video related to the show, Nusrat has answered the question of a social media user. In which the user asked what was his boldest decision in 2021. He said- Motherhood was the boldest decision of his journey 2021. I didn’t make any mistake. This is my life and that’s why I took the decision. People may find it bold but I believe it was a wise decision. I never talk about it, so that I can maintain my sanity. I have not spoken on this matter so many people have said many things. That’s why today I am speaking about this. I am very bold and very proud to have decided to become a mother. I am not a single mother, my child has a normal father and a normal mother.”

Talk about hormonal changes
Talking about pregnancy, Nusrat said that even if a plant dies in her house, she cries. Nusrat revealed that she used to cry and laugh without any reason due to hormonal changes in her body. He also said that he had a desire to eat a banana at 3 in the morning. A fruit that he had never eaten in his entire life. I didn’t get any changes done on my nose. My nose changed due to hormone changes. I had swelling in my feet. My skin became two tone. I looked like a zebra. If I lay down on the zebra crossing, people wouldn’t be able to differentiate. My condition got better only after my son was born.

The event from marriage to the birth of a son was dramatic
Nusrat gave birth to Yeshaan in August 2021. Actor Yash Dasgupta is Yeshaan’s father. Nusrat often shares photos of Yeshaan and Yash on social media. But he has not revealed the son’s face till date. When Nusrat came out of the hospital after giving birth to Yeshaan, Yash was holding the son. Although Nusrat’s marriage was very much discussed. She married businessman Nikhil Jain in Turkey in 2019. In June this year, they called off the marriage saying that the marriage was not valid as per Indian laws.

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