Nutan Naidu released on bail

Television actor Nutan Naidu, who is accused of tonsuring a Dalit and impersonating a senior IAS officer and was lodged in custody for the past 70 days, was released on bail here on Wednesday.

On September 4, Nutan Naidu allegedly tried to impersonate retired IAS officer P.V. Ramesh in a bid to help his wife, who is the prime accused in the Dalit tonsuring case. On August 29, Pendurthi police arrested seven persons, including Nutan Naidu’s wife, for allegedly assaulting, abusing and tonsuring P. Srikanth, their former employee, on August 28 at their house in Sujatha Nagar.

Nutan Naidu had allegedly made video calls to his wife Priya Madhuri twice from Hyderabad during the tonsuring incident. He allegedly abused and threatened Srikanth.

On August 29, masquerading as P.V. Ramesh, he allegedly called Andhra Medical College (AMC) Principal Dr. P.V. Sudhakar and some others and asked them to refer the main accused Priya Madhuri, his wife, to a hospital citing health issues.


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