Nyay: The Justice: Lead actor Zubair Khan became emotional after the film inspired by Sushant Singh Rajput was not banned, said – I could not hold back tears for a long time

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  • Lead Actor Zubair Khan Became Emotional After The Film Inspired By Sushant Singh Rajput Was Not Banned, Said– I Could Not Hold Back Tears For A Long Time

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The High Court has refused to stay the release of ‘Nyay: The Justice’, a film on the life of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Recently, during a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, the lead actor of the film Zubair Khan expressed his happiness over this decision and told that he could not hold back his tears for a long time after this decision. Along with this, he also shared some other special things related to the film.

It’s an inspirational story: Zubair

Zubair says, “I started crying as soon as the court order came to release the film. Believe me, I could not hold back my tears for a long time. I have worked very hard for this film and I want that. My hard work pays off on screen. I am a huge fan of Sushant Singh Rajput and this film is my tribute to him. It is an inspirational story and in this entire film, I have not imitated him anywhere. Through this medium, I am trying to show his story to the people.”

Apart from ‘Nyay’, 3-4 more films of Zubair are to be released this year.

Zubair further adds, “When the petition was filed for the ban of this film, I was deeply saddened. Some people were confused about the concept of the film. This decision was affecting my other projects as well. Year, apart from ‘Nyay’, I have 3-4 more films to release. However, now that this film is ready for release, I am sure that my other projects will also go ahead smoothly.”

Zubair wanted to pay his tribute to Sushant

About the film, Zubair says, “I have given almost 3 months to this film. I did many workshops and worked hard for this character. I was very inspired by Sushant. When he died, I was shocked. I wanted to pay my tribute to him, even if it is through this film. During the shoot, I have cried many times. The memories of Sushant are still fresh in my mind. I am very heartbroken. Wanted people to see this film and finally my dream seems to be coming true now.”

Zubair requests the audience not to judge my character

Zubair appealed to the audience in a few words not to judge his character in the film. Regarding this, he says, “Look, if the audience relates it to the story of Sushant Singh Rajput, then there is no problem in it. However, I would request them not to judge my character. This is not a biopic but inspirational. The story is there. I have not copied him, he was a legend and no one can copy him. We have tried to show what happened to him. The way our film has got justice, we want that Sushant Singh Rajput should also get justice soon.”

Zubair has shot two climax scenes for the film.

It is believed that the story of the film is around the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Many questions still remain unanswered on Sushant’s death last year. In such a situation, how was justice given to Sushant in the film? To this question Zubair says, “I have shot two climax scenes for the film – Murder and Suicide. Now these makers will decide how they will show Sushant getting justice in this. Believe me, this is suspense for me too. When the film releases, the suspense will be lifted.”

Sushant’s father filed a petition against the film

Sushant’s father K.K. Singh had filed a petition against the film being made on his son. In the petition, the actor’s father had urged anyone to stop the use of his son’s name or similar name in the film. However, the Delhi High Court has rejected his petition.

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