Occupying and beating fearlessly in front of the police, indecency with the police on protesting. Fearlessly domineering and beating in front of the police, indecency with the police for protesting

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Barra police reached the spot to investigate. Household goods scattered on the road.

With the help of Barra police, the miscreants captured Barra Do Ek Plot. The dacoits also started indecency with other police personnel including the female inspector who came to stop on the information. Action was ordered after the matter reached the officers. After this, the police took strict action against the rioters and arrested four people, including three women. The entire matter is being investigated on the orders of the DCP.

Fearlessly, beating and capturing in front of the domineering police

ADCP South Manish Sonkar told that in house number 205 new Basti Barra-2, Mo. Vasi’s family has lived in a plot for 35 years. On Saturday night, 15 to 20 people, including Dabang Mahima Pandey, Mahesh Gupta, armed with sticks, saws and axes attacked the house. Mo. Wasi and his family were beaten up and thrown out of the house. Not only this, the entire household of the house was thrown on the road and a lot of goods were taken away from the Dabang tractor.

The domineering women entered the house and put their lock. The victim reported the matter to the Barra police. On information, Yadav market outpost of Barra police station in-charge Geeta Singh and Inspector Bhup Singh Saini reached the spot. Saw that the goods are lying outside the house and the house is locked. The occupant of the house is lying in an injured condition on the road. Even after the arrival of Dabang Chowki Incharge, they continued to fight and take possession of the house. On protesting, he threatened and indecisively from the outpost in-charge. After this, the outpost in-charge informed the officers about the matter. Then the force of Govind Nagar, Barra and Naubasta police stations reached the spot. Then Dabang retreated.

Four arrested including three women, FIR registered

ADCP Manish Sonkar said that an FIR is being registered against the gangsters who came to capture the complaint of the injured woman. From the spot, four people including Dabang women Mahima Pandey, Mahesh Gupta have been arrested by the police. Police is raiding in search of other accused. Soon all the miscreants who came to occupy the house will be arrested and sent to jail.

Dabang had come to capture the house in connivance with the police

It was discussed on the spot that Dabang Barra had come to capture the house in connivance with a senior officer of the police station. But the outpost in-charge opposed the occupation of the house and informed DCP South Salman Taj Patil about the whole matter. After this, the DCP took action against the rioters who came to occupy the house fearlessly. The rioters were arrested by sending circle force to the spot. The victim was brought back to his house.

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