Official allays fears over Intermediate admissions

Board of Intermediate Education Secretary V. Ramakrishna on Tuesday denied reports of โ€˜confusionโ€™ in the online admission process for Intermediate courses.

In a statement, Mr. Ramakrishna referred to reports appeared in a section of media and said that all colleges in the State were sent circulars about the process to be followed for online admissions in March. The Board has also made available on its website the user manual with step-by-step details of the admission process.

He said the names of some private colleges were not seen in the online space as they had failed to upload the details of the intake of students in their respective institutions.

Fire NoC

โ€œIn view of the pandemic, colleges which do not have No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Fire Department, have also been granted permission for admissions with a condition that they will obtain the same in 60 days. Colleges running out of commercial building complexes or in rooms covered with asbestos sheets have been given permission only for the academic year 2020-21,โ€ said Mr. Ramakrishna.

Mr. Ramakrishna said 7,42,780 seats were available, including the ones in the newly-sanctioned 208 colleges in the State.

He said the admission process and the availability of seats was as per the court orders and there was no need for students or their parents to worry about it.


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