On a fantasy high

Yashmi Gowda talks about her role in the VFX-driven television serial, Naga Bhairavi

Playing the role of Bhairavi in Naga Bhairavi was easy for actress Yashmi Gowda. “She (Bhairavi) is a fun-loving person like me, but she’s an atheist and I am God-fearing,” says Yashmi.

The fantasy drama on Zee Telugu, her second venture in Telugu television (first being Swathi Chinukulu on ETV) has become popular for its visual effects. NRI Bhairavi’s search for her missing brother brings her to India and she meets meets Nagarjuna (Pawon Sae), the ‘protector’. This fight against evil forces to secure ‘Nagasampada’ has many VFX-driven scenes.

While the shooting takes place with a blue matte background at Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad, the makers — led by a team of computer graphics professionals and director V V Varanjaneyulu — have blended the live-action footage with generated imagery of a temple, snakes and also Kailasa.

Yashmi had been passionate about acting since childhood. After finishing her diploma in civil engineering, she auditioned for a Kannada serial Vidya Vinayaka and essayed the role of Raksha, a negative character.

Kalki Raja, the producer of Naga Bhairavi was her co-actor in Swathi Chinukulu; when he approached Yashmi for this show she accepted this role.

Shooting schedule keeps Yashmi busy, and in the past six months she has gone only thrice to Bengaluru, her home town. “I do miss my family but being cautious is the safest thing to do now,” she adds.

Her next project is a Kannada short film Into The Truth directed by Vijay Gopalan. .


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