On World Environment Day, know 5 ways how kids can fight climate change

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On World Environment Day, know 5 ways how kids can fight climate change

With climate change being a hot topic, this Environment Day, let’s explore ways kids, our future generations who will witness the consequences of our actions, can help the environment! Even though children nowadays are aware of environmental issues and climate change, it’s time to take action towards fighting climate change! Here are 7 simple ways for children to contribute to the fight against climate change, most of which can be started at home!

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

What better way to help the environment than practising the 3Rs – reduce, recycle, and reuse! Not only would it help the environment, but also save money! When teaching kids about climate change, it is important to make it kid friendly. You can introduce the concept of 3Rs through fun activities such as picking up trash could be made scavenger hunt!

2. Segregate your waste!

And whatever is left should be segregated! Show your kids by example and try to separate your plastic, paper, glass waste, and metal, in your home. This process will also help in understanding whether you need to even buy these non-recyclable products again in the future!

3. When possible, walk or ride a bicycle. 

We all know vehicles are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions! A simple solution – bicycle to the rescue! Encourage kids to walk or ride bicycles and let’s all ride against climate change!

4. Grow your vegetables and herbs!

Encourage your kids to start their own vegetable garden and plant your own beans, tomatoes, carrots. These steps not only save money but also help the environment while making the process lot more fun and exciting for the little ones! Har Ek Tree Kare Pollution Free! That should be our motto.

5. Use less paper.

Unless necessary, avoid printing items. When the world is turning digital, how about leveraging it to help the environment! Encourage kids to use the library or read e-books instead of purchasing new books and go for recyclable items.



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