One hit the other policeman sitting on the bike, there was a dispute between the two while on duty. Ajitmal slapped the soldiers, VIDEO

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There was a dispute between the soldiers while on duty.

In Ajitmal on Friday night at Babarpur Tirahe, two soldiers got into an argument over something. After which one soldier slapped the other. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV installed nearby. After the video went viral, the police is engaged in managing the matter.

The abuse that happened earlier, the scuffle started again

Four to five policemen were on duty at Babarpur Tirahe at around 11.30 pm on Friday night. Just then, the policemen present there started abusing between the two constables. Meanwhile, a soldier tries to convince both of them. Meanwhile, a constable starts leaving by bike. Then another soldier is with him. After talking for a few seconds, he slaps her.

Five policemen were doing duty at Babarpur Tirahe.

Both clashed over the old case of transaction

It is being told that both the soldiers do duty together. On Friday, the talk among themselves got worse over some old transaction issue. After which the matter increased so much that the slaps went on. In this regard, CO Ajitmal Pradeep Kumar said that there was a fight between the soldiers over some issue. Higher officials have been informed.

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