Online education a good opportunity to gain skills, says Pinarayi Vijayan on Children’s Day

He was delivering the Children’s Day message at an online programme organised by the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare

Online education has provided students a good opportunity to gain new skills, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said, adding that it is especially true for older children. “Such knowledge will be very beneficial for them in future,” the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

He was delivering the Children’s Day message at an online programme organised by the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare here on Saturday.

The Chief Minister, however, warned of the perils of Internet misuse, and urged both students and parents to be very vigilant to the problem. To ensure that students were not lured by the dangers lurking online, they should be habituated to use the Internet in a public space inside homes, not in secrecy of their room, he said.

“Despite State government efforts to ensure each child have a good childhood, some people, such as drug mafias, continue to pose a problem. Apart from department-level initiatives, role of students, teachers, parents, student police cadets, and the National Service Scheme is important in preventing students from becoming drug traffickers and users.

“Children also face many other problems such as physical or mental abuse, academic pressures, and so on. The mentor teacher programme and counselling for students are some of the steps taken by the government to support students,” Mr. Vijayan said.

Children, he said, are probably one of the most affected by the pandemic. “Their education and other experiences gained in school has been disrupted for months now. The government has launched online classes to compensate for the situation”.

Schools, he said, would open as soon as the pandemic could be said to be under control. This is expected to happen without a long delay, he added.

Minister for Women and Child Development K.K. Shylaja, in her address, said it should be possible to ensure that children’s rights were not denied in any form.

“Communication within the family is important so that their mental health and emotional issues could be addressed well. A recent study undertaken by the State has shown that children’s suicides during the pandemic has not gone up as compared to that last year. This is reassuring. However, there is need to take a deeper look into the causes of suicide and make sure that children’s dignity does not suffer. Parents, teachers, and society are responsible for nurturing well-rounded individuals,” she said.

The Chief Minister also released the Children’s Day stamp on the occasion.

Children’s ‘President’ Adarsh S.M., ‘Prime Minister’ Nanma S., Speaker Uma S., and leader Nainika Anil and Sreelakshmi C. spoke.

Akhil C.J. whose painting on the pandemic figures on the Children’s Day stamp released this year was feliciated on the occasion. Child welfare council general secretary Shiju Khan J.S. was present.


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