Only locals to be allowed to witness Panchalinga Darshana till 3 p.m.

The meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri on Tuesday resolved that the locals will be allowed to witness Panchalinga Darshana at Talakad only till 3 p.m. and thereafter nobody will get access to the temples as a precaution in view of COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be no entry to outsiders as there are about 35,000 locals, including those from villages in Talakad, B. Shettihalli and Holesaalu Gram Panchayats, who will be allowed to participate, the meeting said.

Mysuru Superintendent of Police C.B. Rhyshanth said it was difficult to deploy more number of police personnel for security for the event in view of elections to the gram panchayats. The policemen will be deployed in two shifts.

RT-PCR test

As per the COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee recommendations, only 1,000 people will be allowed on all days except December 14 and 1,500 will be permitted to witness the Darshana on December 14. Whoever wants to visit, it is mandatory for them to get the RT-PCR test, he said, adding that nine check-posts will function.

DHO Amarnath said 10 medical teams will be stationed at Talakad and steps had been taken to carry out COVID-19 tests outside the five temples in and around Talakad during the event.

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