Only Mohsin played in 3 players of UP in IPL: Fourth match going to be played by Lucknow Super Giants today, team management made UP players Ankit, Karan and Mohsin sit in the dugout

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In the 15th season of IPL, the team of Lucknow Super Giants selected three players from UP. In which Ankit Rajput, Mohsin Khan and Karan Sharma were bought during the auction. But now cricket fans and some people associated with cricket are accusing the team management of discrimination against the players of UP. Many supporters are saying that the host team of the state itself, which is formed in the name of Lucknow… its team management is not giving attention to the players of the state. Whereas before this the players were playing for their own team while performing brilliantly.

It is also important to know here that in the season 15 of IPL, Lucknow Super Giants has played 3 matches. The fourth cricket match is going to be played on Thursday.

First chance given to Mohsin of UP

50 lakhs in Ankit Rajput auction, while Karan Sharma and Mohsin Khan were bought for 20-20.  - file photo

50 lakhs in Ankit Rajput auction, while Karan Sharma and Mohsin Khan were bought for 20-20. – file photo

The team of Lucknow Super Giants, in their very first match, fed only one player from UP, Mohsin Khan, as an experiment in the first match. After this, the team management has turned away from that player as well. Cricket lovers are surprised by this attitude of the team management.

why the hell…
Kuldeep Yadav of Delhi Capitals can become the only player to play the most IPL in the state. Till now he has played around 50 matches. Seeing his stellar performance, his team management is compelled to keep him a part of the playing XI. While less experienced than him in Lucknow Super Giants, Ankit Rajput has played only 29 matches in IPL so far. He has also been a part of the team with 4 franchises.

Karan Sharma is the new entrant in this time’s IPL, who is still waiting for his turn to show his excellence.

Kuldeep Yadav has played more than 50 matches.

Kuldeep Yadav has played more than 50 matches.

Ankit Rajput will get a chance
Former Ranji cricketer Shashikant Khandekar, who has been the coach of Kuldeep Yadav in the past, said that the question of discrimination does not arise with the players, when the team has bought them, they will also be given a chance to play in the coming matches. If the matter is mentioned, then he will definitely get a place in the team, because he is an experienced player and has played IPL many times.
The team does not want to lose the winning streak

Kuldeep Yadav’s coach Kapil Pandey says that the format of T20 is different. It is very important to make team combination in IPL. Also, it is necessary to feed foreign players as well. In such a situation, the team management prepares the combination of its players. Accordingly, then the team selection is done.

As for Ankit and Karan, both these players play well and have won many matches for UP. Karan Sharma may soon get a place in the team. Because he is a good all rounder. The team is winning matches at the moment, not making any changes to maintain their momentum.

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