Opposition: Kangana Ranot objected to forcibly taking oxygen from the environment to build new oxygen plants; we seem to have learned nothing from our mistakes

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  • Actress Kangana Ranaut Protests Forcefully Taking Oxygen From Environment As New Oxygen Plants Get Built, Said It Seems We Learned Nothing From Our Mistakes

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20 minutes ago

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The second wave of Corona has affected the country badly. Every day, the number of new patients and deaths due to corona is constantly increasing. The health system in the country has collapsed due to the ever increasing number of patients. Patients are facing acute shortage of beds, oxygen, injections and medicines. Meanwhile, many hospitals and state governments in the country are setting up many new oxygen plants to meet the growing demand for oxygen. However, actress Kangana Ranot is not happy with this idea. Kangana shared a post on social media, objecting to the oxygen forcibly taking oxygen from the plants for oxygen plants. He also said that it looks like we have not learned anything from our mistakes and disasters.

How are you replenishing oxygen forcing the environment?
Kangana Ranot shared the post, writing, “Everyone is setting up more and more oxygen plants. So many tons of oxygen cylinders can be built. How are we going to replenish all the oxygen we are forcing from the environment?” It seems that we have learned nothing from our mistakes and disasters. We should plant more and more trees. “

After all, how long will it take only from nature and never return?
Kangana Ranot shared another post, writing, “With the announcement of making more oxygen available to the people, the government should also announce for nature relief. Whoever They should also pledge to work to improve air quality. How long will we remain unhappy insects that will only take from nature and never return. “

Kangana Runot further wrote, “Remember, if micro-organisms or insects disappear from the earth, it will affect soil fertility and Earth Mother. And Earth Mother will miss them. But if man disappears, Earth only And will only thrive. If you are not his lover or child, you are unnecessary. Plant trees. “

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