Opposition to the Agricultural Law: Farmers of Sapotra region participated in the agitation by demonstrating on the Ghazipur border

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Karauli / KudgaonMoments before

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Kudgaon Raising slogans in protest against the Agricultural Bill from the poster banner on the Ghazipur border in protest against the Kisan Village Farmers Bill Act.

  • Slogans protesting against agricultural bills, farmer leaders sit on dharna along with Tikait

Farmers of Sapotra subdivision reached UP Ghazipur border on Friday morning and met farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, protesting against the Farmers Agriculture Act, and shouted slogans against the farmers present Sat on the dharna demonstration together.

Significantly, a meeting of farmers of the Kudgaon region in the valley of Gram Panchayat Dikouli Kala of Sapotra subdivision was held on Thursday afternoon. Khem Singh Mandavara, Brijesh, Manoj, Ram Avatar, Chetram, PR Meena, Ghanshyam Khabapura, rally in vehicles late Thursday evening after nearly 70 farmers meeting to participate in the ongoing agitation against agricultural legislation in U.P. Sailed together.

After reaching the border on Thursday night, Shahjahan left the night at Ghazipur border and reached the Ghazipur border on Thursday morning and sat there on the border for more than 2 months demanding a withdrawal of the Farmers Agricultural Law Bill. After reaching the farmers, the dharna was performed at the protest site, shouting slogans with a poster banner on behalf of the farmers of Sapotra subdivision area of ​​Karauli district.

He told that all the farmers of the area, after this, along with Ghazipur border, reached the protesting farmers and farmers leader sitting at the protest sites in the surrounding area, and came to Rakesh Tikait and got their acquaintance and presence of the farmers of the area registered, sitting with them on the same agricultural law bill Discussed and participated in the movement.

Regional farmers told that from 12 to 3 am on Saturday morning, farmers of the Karauli district reached Ghazipur border and encouraged the agitators to reach the Ghazipur border in the agitation of the farmers in UP and other states warning of the blockade jam. Many farmers of Karauli district reached the venue of the movement to participate in the ongoing peasant movement on the Ghazipur border. During this time, the farmers supported the movement and demanded the withdrawal of agricultural bills from the central government. Former District President of Mahila Congress Anita Jatav also joined the movement along with her team.

State President of Indian Farmers Union Tikait Jhabarmal Ghonsalya and State Vice President Mukesh Dagur Soumali said that thousands of farmers from Karauli and nearby districts reached Ghazipur border and encouraged the agitators. A large number of farmers of Karauli district reached Ghazipur border in four-wheelers and staged a protest. Farmers Union State Vice President Mukesh Dagur said that the farmers of the area will block the roads on various routes including Bharatpur Gangapur State Mega Highway on February 6 from 12 noon to 3 pm.


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