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Optical Illusion: Spot The Chameleon In This Portrait Of Parrots; You Have 5 Seconds – News18

Last Updated: October 31, 2023, 11:23 IST

Only 5 per cent of people in this world could spot the hidden chameleon.

To solve a brain teaser, you need to have unconventional thinking.

The brain teasers enhance our cognitive and problem-solving skills along with the improvement in focus and spatial reasoning ability. It strengthens the connection between the brain cells, improves mental agility and also helps with short-term memory problems. Now, recently, a British news website, Mirror, has published a brain teaser which will test your qualitative skills and visual sharpness.

In a portrait of parrots, you have to spot the hidden chameleon in five seconds. The picture contains the monochromatic photos of parrots. Some are red, yellow, green, pink and blue. Among them, you have to spot a chameleon which is also famous for its ability to change colors according to its surroundings. Due to this, it may become difficult for you to spot the animal at once but if you look carefully, it won’t take you a few seconds either.

To solve a brain teaser, you need to have unconventional thinking. This simple exercise reveals tons of knowledge about the function and abilities of your brain. Now this optical illusion is designed in such a way that colourful birds will grab your attention, but don’t let them because there is a chameleon tucked away in the image somewhere, just waiting to be found.

The Mirror claims that there are only 5 per cent of people in this world who can spot the hidden chameleon. After watching the portrait, you have only five seconds to solve this optical illusion. You must set your timer accordingly and check the results. Before you start your timer, you must not forget about the ability of the chameleon. Don’t try to rush past the colourful parrots, as the chameleon may be hiding in the backgrounds in the same colour. Start the timer and solve this optical illusion whenever you are ready.

If you haven’t found the chameleon after 5 seconds, then don’t lose hope. Go back and approach the illusion again. However, if you have spotted the chameleon, then you can be reassured that your critical thinking and attention to detail are praiseworthy. The first hint regarding this optical illusion is to start from the bottom.

If you are still unable to spot the chameleon, then let us reveal the answer to you. The chameleon is hiding behind a blue parrot at the bottom right of the portrait. You will be able to see its eyes.

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