Optical Illusion: This Shadow Play of Wooden Sticks is Leaving the Internet Perplexed

Optical illusions are quickly becoming the next social media craze. It is often a combination of colour, light, and patterns. The visuals are deceiving or confusing to our minds, leaving us puzzled.

Another optical illusion photo has recently surfaced on social media, capturing the interest of people. The image was created by artist Yves Lappert and was described on Reddit as โ€œa simple but brilliant illusion,” the Sun reported.

At first glance, the image appears to show four triangles organised in a way that they appear to float in the air. However, upon closer inspection, we see that the illusion is a photograph of four boards of wood lying against a wall. The boards are all leaning at the very same angle, one on top of the other.

The shadows cast by the wooden planks make perfect-looking triangles when the light hits them at precisely the right angle.

Dozens of Reddit users commented on the illusion, giving their ideas and how the image duped them.

However, not everyone was taken in by the lie right away.

Some people commented on the Reddit post saying they could not tell the difference at first glance. One user said, โ€œI originally thought it was metalwork and was puzzled as to how it was held in place. So simple and eye-catching. I love how geometry is captivating, even if itโ€™s just simple repeating triangles.โ€

Recently, there was another optical illusion that went viral. It could figure out if your mind is a male or a female. The graphic depicts a shadow of a guy sprinting and asks viewers to determine whether the person is racing towards or away from them.

The image was initially made public by Fact Factories, which stated that it was a part of ongoing research to determine if people have a โ€œmale” or โ€œfemale” brain.

According to Fact Factories, if you see a man racing toward you, you have a more โ€œmasculine” mentality. And if you see a man fleeing from you, you most likely have a more โ€œfeminine” mentality.

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