Osama bin Laden wanted to marry Whitney: considered the most beautiful woman in the world, had also planned to kill her husband

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American singer Whitney Houston has been considered the world’s all-time popular. Whitney was black, but had magic in her voice. The world was crazy about his songs. He sold 200 million records. He also won 8 Grammys, 2 Emmy Awards. His name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of 28 world records.

Apart from these, the interesting thing is that the world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden was also crazy about Whitney. He was even ready to kill Whitney’s husband and marry her.

There were good and bad things in Whitney’s life. Riches, fame, drugs, pain of apartheid, lesbian relationship, husband and daughter, separation from parents, depression, career decline and then mysterious death at the age of 48.

In today’s unheard stories, the story of this Whitney Houston…

Singing talent was inherited

Whitney Huston was born on August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey. His mother, Emily Houston, was a Grammy-winning singer, also known as Sissy. And his father John Russell was an ex army serviceman. Thanks to the singing talent she inherited from her mother after modeling and adding TV commercials, the 21-year-old Whitney became famous around the world for giving great songs. His first hit song was Hold Me. At the age of 21, Whitney had become an international star and a millionaire.

Osama bin Laden wanted to marry

The name of the world’s most dangerous terrorist Osama bin Laden was also included in Whitney Houston’s fan. Osama was so crazy about Whitney that he wanted to make her his wife and also wanted to name his mansion in Khartoum (Sudan) after Whitney.

For Osama, Whitney was the most beautiful woman in the world. Sudanese American novelist Kola Boof, who was Osama’s sex slave, wrote this in her autobiography A Diary of a Lost Girl. In 1996, Kola Boof was Osama’s sex slave in Morocco for 6 months. He was kept prisoner. He has told in the book that Osama often used to talk about Whitney and was attracted to her smile.

Kola Boof was a Sudanese writer who was held captive for six months in 1996 by Osama bin Laden and raped.  (Left- Kola Boof, Right- Autobiography in which he mentioned Whitney)

Kola Boof was a Sudanese writer who was held captive for six months in 1996 by Osama bin Laden and raped. (Left- Kola Boof, Right- Autobiography in which he mentioned Whitney)

Osama wanted to go to America to meet Whitney by spending crores of rupees

According to Kola Boof, once Osama contacted a person and spent crores of rupees just because that person was ready to meet him with Whitney. However, this could not happen. Osama believed that Whitney is a Muslim at heart, who lives as a Christian under the guise of American culture.

Osama wanted to kill Whitney’s husband

Whitney Houston married singer Bobby Brown in 1993. In such a situation, Osama hated Bobby Brown. He often used to plot to kill Bobby. Sometimes Osama even asked Kola Boof to have a hairstyle like Whitney’s.

Songs used to become hits just by his name

All songs sung by Whitney Houston were hits. In 1988, 2 lakh people reached the 70th birthday of South African President Nelson Mandela, where he sang. It was declared the biggest program of the country at that time.

Despite apartheid, the channel had to show Whitney’s songs

Due to apartheid in America, when the MTV channel used to hesitate in showing the songs of black artists, then Whitney’s songs used to be such hits that the channel was forced to show her songs. There was no year in the 80-90s when Whitney’s name did not top the music charts.

slandered by homosexuality

Around 1980, 17-year-old Whitney befriended a girl named Robin Crawford. Both became friends and the closeness increased. One day Whitney leaves her home against her mother’s wishes to be with Robin. As soon as Whitney started getting fame, she started being surrounded by people.

In such a situation, his and Robin’s relationship could not be hidden from the people. There was news of Whitney’s homosexual relationship in every magazine, newspaper, which brought him a lot of infamy. The family members also objected to the relationship between the two, but instead of keeping distance from Robin, Whitney made him her manager. Some people opposed Whitney on this matter and even tried to boycott him.

In the 80s, Whitney had affairs with musician Jermaine Jackson, footballer Randall Cunningham and actor Eddie Murphy. His girlfriend Robin Crawford was very annoyed with Whitney’s relationship. One day, when Robin heard about Whitney’s affair, there was an uproar at home, although the two continued their relationship.

Whitney’s boycott happened amid apartheid

Whitney was becoming a hit, but due to apartheid, she had to face controversies many times. Black people were rejecting the dusky Whitney saying that she followed Western culture and sang for the whites, while the whites hated Whitney because she was a Negro and was becoming popular.

Miscarriage occurred while shooting for the film.

Whitney met then-popular singer Bobby Brown at an award show. Bobby Brown was a controversial singer who had to go to jail for drug possession and drunk driving. After a few meetings, both got into a relationship. While Bobby was already in a relationship with a girl who was pregnant at that time. As soon as Whitney came to know about this, they had a big fight, but Bobby convinced her.

Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown.

One day Whitney made up her mind to work in films. At the same time he got the film The Bodyguard. Whitney was pregnant in 1991, but the film was to be shot at the same time. One day while shooting, she had a miscarriage due to sudden complications. Whitney was badly broken by this. However, he did not lose heart and after some time completed the shooting of The Bodyguard film. Whitney was highly appreciated for this film.

After being in a relationship for 4 years, Whitney married Bobby Brown on July 18, 1992, and the following year she gave birth to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Whitney broken by husband’s betrayal

Whitney’s husband Bobby Brown started living in her house. When Whitney was out on her musical tour, Bobby brought other girls home and squandered their money. Once Whitney saw him with a girl, they had a big fight. Whitney throws Bobby out of the house and gets drunk herself.

Father used to spend Whitney’s earnings without informing

Whitney’s father used to control his earnings from the beginning. There also came a time when he started misusing Whitney’s money without telling her, so his earnings started drying up. Father used to spend Whitney’s money on his second wife. One day when Whitney came to know about this after seeing the earnings report, she ended all relations with her father.

Whitney kept fighting with her father in the hospital, died the next day

At this time Whitney separated from her father. Once the father was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, Whitney came to meet him on Robin Crawford’s persuasion. Whitney was intoxicated and had an argument with her father in the hospital itself. Father wanted Whitney to give him $ 100 million, but he did not have such a huge amount. Both had a big fight and Whitney returned. The very next day his father died. This hurt Whitney so much that she kept taking drugs at home without going to her father’s funeral.

Whitney had even stopped talking to her mother and other people. When her mother arrived home in 2005, she found that Whitney’s house had spray painted eyes and strange faces. There was a large family photo in Whitney’s room, but her face had been cut off. The mother was horrified to see the cut picture of her daughter.

Meanwhile, Bobby had moved in with Whitney again, and the constant fighting left Whitney in an inebriated state throughout the day. The effect of intoxication started falling on his voice and public image. People started disliking him for performing drunk. Whitney also filed a case of assault against Bobby Brown, due to which he had to go to jail. Both of them got divorced in 2007.

Wanted to comeback, but luck did not support

With the help of her friends, Whitney decides to go to a rehab center. After two failed attempts, Whitney finally quit in 2011. Mother also started coming and living with Whitney. When Whitney wanted to make a comeback, every show of his started flopping. People started returning from the concert and started demanding refund of ticket money.

Dead body found in mysterious condition two days after performance

9 February 2012. Whitney Houston attends a pre-Grammy party with friends at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California. Here he requested his friends to give him a chance to sing at this pre-Grammy party. When his friends agreed, he immediately started practicing. Whitney was so nervous before the performance that she took drugs.

On February 9, Whitney performed with her friend Kelly Prince on stage in Hollywood, California, in which she sang – Jesus Loves Me.

Dead body found before performing at pre-Grammy party

Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party was scheduled to take place on February 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Around 3 a.m., Whitney’s assistant Mary Jones arrived at suite number 434 on the fourth floor to show her the dress she was about to perform in. Mary put the dress on his bed and went to get another dress.

When she returned at around 3:30, she saw that Whitney’s head was submerged in the bathtub. When she went closer, she saw that breathing had stopped. He immediately informed the hotel staff and doctors were called. CPR was given to Whitney, but by then she had died.

Investigation was being done on the fourth floor, the party continued on the ground floor

Despite Whitney’s death, Clive Davis continued the party, saying that Whitney always used to say that the show must go on. Many celebrities attended that party, but many said that it was not humane.

TV star Sharon Esborn had said – It was very shameful that the party continued. I didn’t want to go to any hotel where the person you loved died on the fourth floor.

Whitney’s album sales increased after her death

Just 24 hours after Whitney’s death, her 20-year-old track I Will Always Love You re-entered the Billboard charts at number three. About 9 lakh fans had downloaded Whitney’s songs from YouTube.

A month and a half after the death, on March 22, 2012, the police closed the case by telling Whitney’s death as an accident. The postmortem report revealed that Whitney had taken drugs shortly before her death.

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