OTT Fever: From ‘Friends’ to ‘The Office’, these are the world’s best comedy web series and movies according to IMDB rating

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16 minutes ago

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There has been an atmosphere of concern in the country due to Corona epidemic and lockdown. But in the meantime, there are some comedy films and series that are constantly trying to lighten the mood of the audience. If you are planning to watch comedy movies and series with family and friends in the weekend, then definitely watch these highest IMDB (Internet Movie Database) rating movies-

These are OTT’s best comedy films and series

It’s a sin

Rating- 9.0

Platform- Amazon prime

cast- Ollie Alexander, Omari Dogal, Colum Scott, Lydia West, Nathaniel Curtis

The 2021 comedy drama series is the story of a group of boys who are gay. All the boys reach London in 1981 where their friendship is affected due to HIV. Meanwhile, how their friendship and life takes a fun turn, it has been introduced in a very funny and funny manner.


Rating- 8.9

Platform- Netflix

cast- Jennifer Anistone, Courtney Fox, Matthew Parry, Lisa Kudrow, David Squimer, Matt Lieblance

Netflix’s Series Friends is the story of 6 friends who share an apartment together. Monica and Chandler are in a relationship who marry during the series. Reshal and Ross also like each other. Joi is a struggling actor who has little experience in acting. Phoebe is a social activist who is extremely funny. Each character is a complete shop of comedy in itself, which makes doubling of comedy with viewing. For those who watched the series, its ending was a major setback. Friends has 10 seasons in total, one of the best series in the world.

The office

Rating- 8.9

Platform- Amazon prime

cast- John Karasinksi, Jenna Fisher, Renin Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Mindy Kelling, BJ Nowak

The series, which started in 2005, is the story of a paper company. All the workers of this company are seen doing some adventure during the office, which gives the audience a lot of opportunity to laugh. It is fun to see what the workers do to avoid Igo clash and work.

This is us

Rating- 8.7

Platform- Amazon prime

cast- Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Vino Mentimiglia, Chrissy Mate

This series, which started in 2016, is a funny story of three brothers and sisters. In the series, all three are trying to get out of their bad past and find happiness. The journey of the three siblings, Kevin, Kate and Randall, in search of happiness, is shown to be very funny.

Park and Recreation

Rating- 8.6

Platform- Amazon prime

cast- Amy Feiler, Obre Plaza, Nick Oefferman, Chris Pratt

So far, 7 successful seasons of the 2009 series Parks and Recreation have been released. This series is the story of Bureaucrat Leslie Lope of the Parks and Recreation Department, who works to make the city beautiful with full dedication. Leslie meets a nurse, Ann, for whose help she transforms a block construction site into a beautiful park. During this time they have to face mean neighbors of that site and some officers. The story has been made very fun.


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