Over 18k test positive, 71 succumb to COVID in A.P.

Active cases cross 1. 5 lakh and recoveries 10 lakh

Andhra Pradesh reported 71 deaths due to COVID and 18,972 infections in the 24 hours ending Monday morning, taking the toll to 8,207 and cumulative tally to 11,63,994.

As many as 10,227 patients recovered in the past day and the number of recoveries crossed the 10-lakh mark and reached 10,03,935.

Also, the number of active cases crossed 1.5 lakh and reached 1,51,852. The recovery rate and death rate remains at 86.25% and 0.71% respectively.

In the past day, 1.15 lakh samples were tested and their positivity rate was 16.46%. So far, 1.67 crore samples with a positivity rate of 6.96% were tested in the State.

New deaths

East Godavari, Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram reported nine new deaths each while Anantapur and Kurnool reported seven each. Krishna, Prakasam and Srikakulam reported six deaths each. Chittor reported five deaths, Guntur reported four deaths, Nellore reported two deaths and West Godavari reported one death. Kadapa again reported no new deaths.

For the first time 11 districts reported more than a thousand new infections in a day.

Kurnool reported 2,628 infections and was the only to see more than 2,000 cases in the past day. It was followed by Visakhapatnam (1,960), East Godavari (1,914), Srikakulam (1,732), Chittoor (1,714), Nellore (1,337), Prakasam (1,236), Guntur (1,194), Anantapur (1,158), West Godavari (1,088), Vizianagaram (1,052), Krishna (990) and Kadapa (969).

Of the 1.51 lakh active cases, about 1.06 lakh were present in seven districts of Chittoor (18,546), Srikakulam (17,017), East Godavari (16,796), Guntur (15,567), Nellore (14,721), Visakhapatnam (12,537) and Kurnool (11,400). East Godavari’s cumulative tally reached close to 1.5 lakh.

The district tallies are as follows: East Godavari (1,49,206), Chittoor (1,26,811), Guntur (1,10,247), West Godavari (1,02,960), Anantapur (86,875), Visakhapatnam (85,024), Nellore (84,626), Kurnool (83,066), Prakasam (75,112), Srikakulam (74,575), Kadapa (66,023), Krishna (64,127) and Vizianagaram (52,447).


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