Pakistani actress told Salman Khan Chhichhora: Saba Qamar said – Sallu Bhaiya is scared.

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Saba Qamar worked with Irrfan Khan in the film Hindi Medium. Now one of his throw-back videos is going viral on social media. In fact, in 2015, Saba had joined a Pakistani TV show.

During an episode of the show, he was shown photographs of Ranbir Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Hrithik Roshan, Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan. Along with showing the photos, different questions were asked about everyone. When Salman’s pictures came on the screen, Saba addressed him as Chhichhora.

Not getting mouth cancer by working with Emraan Hashmi
The host of the show told Saba that she would show photos of some actors. Saba was given the task that under what circumstances she would not like to work with these actors, as well as the reason for the same. When he was shown the photo of Emraan Hashmi, he immediately refused.

Saba said that she is afraid of mouth cancer, so she will not work with Imran. After seeing Ranbir’s picture, he said, ‘I have heard that he has an affair with Deepika Padukone, so no.’

very scared of sallu bhaiya
After seeing Salman’s picture, Saba said, ‘Allah maaf kare, lekin Sallu bhaiya se bahut terr lagta lagta. They don’t listen to choreographers at all, they make their own dance steps. You are very frivolous. However, when this video went viral, Salman Khan’s fans started trolling Saba. Seeing the trolling, Sabah also had to give clarification.

Explanation given when the matter escalates
Presenting the clarification, Saba said, ‘Whatever I said in the show was just for fun.’ Along with this, he has termed Salman Khan as a very big star, and also said that he is very humble in real life. He has also praised the Hindi film industry.

She became famous by working with Irrfan Khan
Saba Qamar is known in India for her work in Irrfan Khan’s film Hindi Medium. He once said that he is very lucky that he got a chance to work with Irrfan Khan. Apart from this, he has worked in films like Manto, Lahore Se Aaye and Moomal Rano.

Arrest warrant was issued in 2021
Saba Qamar has also been in controversy. In 2020, the Lahore Police registered a case against Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed under Section 295 of the Pakistan Penal Code for desecrating Masjid Wazir Khan in the old city of Lahore. According to the FIR, both the artists had violated the sanctity of the historic mosque by making dance videos.

This work of Saba created resentment among the people and there was a lot of controversy. The government had also dismissed two senior officers in connection with the sanctity violation. Saba was also threatened with death on social media. In 2021, a local court in Pakistan has issued an arrest warrant against him and a colleague for shooting a dance video at the historic mosque in Lahore.

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