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Palestinians with No Link to Hamas May Govern Post-War Gaza, Israeli PM Netanyahu Proposes – News18

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a post-war Gaza could be governed by Palestinian officials who have no link to Hamas. (Image: Reuters)

Israel PM Netanyahu submitted the proposal to the security cabinet of the nation on Thursday. The proposal retained the target of finishing Hamas.

Israeli media outlets on Friday reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed a plan for post-war Gaza that will see Palestinian officials without links to Hamas or its foreign backers govern the blockaded coastal enclave.

The proposal, however, retains the core targets following the October 7 attacks outlined by the Israeli army, one of which is destroying or disarming Hamas to such an extent that it cannot attack Israel the way it did on October 7.

The targets of dismantling Hamas and Islamic Jihad were retained. The proposal also prioritises securing the release of all hostages still held captive in Gaza.

The proposal said that after the war ends Gaza’s civil affairs would be run by “local officials with administrative experience” and who are “not linked to countries or entities that support terrorism”, according to the Times of Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that even after the war ends the Israeli army would have “indefinite freedom” to operate throughout Gaza to prevent any resurgence of terror activity.

“The plan states that Israel will move forward with its already-in-motion project to establish a security buffer zone on the Palestinian side of the strip’s border,” the report said, adding the zone would remain “as long as there is a security need for it”.

It also aims to extend Israeli security control “over the entire area west of Jordan” from the land, sea and air “to prevent the strengthening of terrorist elements in the (occupied West Bank) and the Gaza Strip and to thwart threats from them towards Israel,” the report said.

The plan aims Gaza’s “complete demilitarisation… beyond what is required for the needs of maintaining public order”.

It aims to promote “de-radicalisation in all religious, educational and welfare institutions in Gaza”.

A key element of the plan was the dismantling of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, the report said.

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