Pallavi accepted Vivek Agnihotri’s political thinking: Said- Life is not a bed of flowers, the behavior of the industry has changed

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Director Vivek Agnihotri is in the news for his next film ‘The Vaccine War’ after ‘The Kashmir Files’. This film is going to be released in theaters on September 28. Recently, this film’s producer and actor Pallavi Joshi gave an exclusive interview to Dainik Bhaskar and told that director Vivek Agnihotri’s thinking is political. He also talked about the changed behavior of the industry and said that life may not be like a bed of flowers after ‘The Vaccine War’.

Vivek has political thinking
On the issue of people adding politics to Vivek Agnihotri’s films, Pallavi said, ‘Vivek makes political films because he is interested. If people think so, then they are absolutely right but yes, I have an objection to the way some people react.

what is the movie about Story
Pallavi Joshi started working in films at the age of just 4 years. Regarding the trailer launch of ‘The Vaccine War’, Pallavi said that she is very thankful to the way people are liking the trailer. Talking further about the fight, he said, ‘During Covid, there was a group of people who were adamant that we should take only foreign vaccines.

If that vaccine does not come to India then 40 crore people will get infected. Our entire film is about this.

Has Naseer seen ‘The Kashmir Files’
Naseeruddin Shah taunted about films like Kashmir Files, Kerala Story, Gadar-2, that such films are a dangerous trend and extreme nationalism which will divide the society and spread hatred. Giving her opinion in this controversy, Pallavi said, ‘Look, I respect Naseer a lot as an actor but I also want to ask whether Naseer has seen these films?

Or they are just reacting to what they have heard. I know he has not seen the Kashmir files but I wish he should see the Kashmir files. Maybe then Naseer’s opinion about this film will change.

Maybe life is not like a bed of flowers are
Regarding the threats received after the Kashmir files and the negativity spread through social media and now since the trailer of ‘The Vaccine War’ has been launched, do you never feel afraid that such things should be avoided? In response to this question, Pallavi said, ‘If you do not study, will you feel afraid?

We don’t read these comments on social media and I am not on social media. When we started, I felt like whether to follow this path or not? Life may not be like a bed of flowers, so whatever thinking had to be done had already been done.

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