Pant becomes 5th youngest captain in IPL: why Rishabh can prove to be good captain for Delhi Capitals, know in 5 points

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Rishabh Pant has scored a century in the IPL. He has so far scored 2079 runs in 68 matches at an average of 35.23.

23-year-old Rishabh Pant will be seen captaining the Delhi Capitals in the 14th season of the IPL. He is the fifth young player to captain the IPL. Earlier, Virat Kohli and Steve Smith, 22, and Shreyas Iyer and Suresh Raina, at the age of 23, have captained their respective teams. We are telling you 5 points why Rishabh Pant can prove to be a good captain for Delhi Capitals …

1. There can be no better time than this
Pant’s confidence is still on the heights due to some great series. Their performance has made even the former legends think. In the last 4 months, Pant has taken his game to a different level. First he improved his batting. Then he performed amazingly as a wicketkeeper. It started with a practice match against Australia in November. He scored a century in this match.

After this, in the Sydney Test, he removed the almost lost match from Australia’s possession and turned it to India. However, he was dismissed in Nervous-90 and the match was a draw. What he could not do in the Sydney Test, he did it in the fourth Test against Australia in Gabba, Brisbane. Because of this, India created history by defeating Australia in Gaba after 32 years. When he went for the tour of Australia, he was seen as a substitute wicketkeeper in the team.

When he came back, he had become the most popular batsman in the country. He also praised his wicketkeeping in Australia. Some even said that Pant should be made India’s wicketkeeper on a foreign tour. After this, he made several great catches and stumps behind the wicket on the turning track in the Test series held in England last month. This reflects Pant’s confidence that he has now become a matured and a better player. A century in the Ahmedabad Test against England indicates that he has mastered reading the condition and batting accordingly.

2. Aggressive Mindset and Positive Approach
Shreyas Iyer has taken Delhi Capitals to different heights in the last 2 seasons. Their absence is really a big loss for Delhi. But Pant was the best option to fill his gap. Like Shreyas, Pant is also known for positive thinking and aggressive mindsets. Pant’s aggressive thinking is also reflected in his batting. It is not that they shoot indiscriminately. Rather, their batting shows a combination of courage and smart shot selection.

Even after India’s top order failed in the series against England and Australia, they played aggressive cricket and shared runs with good shots. The pant which we are able to see now is quite different from the previous pant. The Delhi team needed a leader who, despite failing in some matches, was positive with thought. All this quality is present in Pant.

3. Keep experimenting like Dhoni
When Pant was bowled out for a few matches in 2019, his batting lacked understanding. He was out by playing a bad shot. People kept him away from the category of savvy cricketers. But now the time has changed. They are always ready to help the team. Be it batting or wicketkeeping. He also gives tips to his bowlers for help from behind the wicket. It is not necessary that all his suggestions are correct, but it shows his ability to lead and read the match.

They never hold back from thinking extras. Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he believes in not giving up till the last and experimenting. This quality of theirs can help Delhi to move forward. Last time Delhi was beaten badly by Mumbai Indians in the playoffs and finals, as Delhi had the same strategy in both the matches. Pant can add his X-factor flavor to it.

Pant has so far scored a century in the IPL.  He scored 128 off 63 balls against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2018.  However, this match was lost to Delhi.  For Hyderabad, Dhawan scored an unbeaten 92 and Kane Williamson won the match by scoring 83 runs.

Pant has so far scored a century in the IPL. He scored 128 off 63 balls against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2018. However, this match was lost to Delhi. For Hyderabad, Dhawan scored an unbeaten 92 and Kane Williamson won the match by scoring 83 runs.

4. Ability to withstand pressure during matches
Pant has a great ability to withstand the pressure. This is because the kind of innings that Pant played in the Sydney and Brisbane Test matches against Australia and the fourth Test match in Ahmedabad against England, he can play only those players who have the ability to judge all kinds of pressure. Ho. These 3 innings of Pant would not be played by the current batsmen in 80-90 Test matches of their career.

The batsman who can face the legendary bowlers by coming to the crease in difficult conditions can also easily withstand the pressure of captaincy. The way Pant thinks James Anderson out of the box at bat with a six on the reverse sweep, we can certainly see the same thing under his captaincy.

5. The presence of Coach Ponting, Ashwin, Smith and Rahane
This will be Pant’s first season as captain in the IPL. But to support him, Delhi has a coach like Ricky Ponting. Ponting is considered one of the most successful captains in the world. He made Australia the champion team under his captaincy. At the same time, a sensible player like Ravichandran Ashwin is also present to assist Pant.

Everyone knows about Ashwin’s cricketing brain. Not only this, apart from Ashwin, players who have captained the IPL like Steve Smith and Ajinkya Rahane are also present in the team. His presence and experience can be used well by his pant. It will definitely help him to become a successful captain in the IPL. He is being seen not only as IPL, but also as the captain of India in the coming times.

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