Parivar Pangs: India pays for talent crunch at Shakhas

Betting on the wrong horse can spell ruin especially if you mistaken an ungulate from Rann of Kutch for an Arabian steed. India is learning this lesson the hard way as it was enchanted by high sounding speeches which turned out to have been written by highly-educated speech writer and not exactly reflecting the intellectual level of the speaker.

Naryana Murthy, one of the founders of Infosys which has been labelled anti-national by RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya, had warned that 94% of techies are unfit to be hired. It would be interesting to know his views if any percentage of RSS pracharaks are fit to hold government offices.

Shakhas can produce foot soldiers but not generals has been evident right from the time of BJP’s inception. This has more often than not forced it to either co-opt retired government officials or put square pegs in round holes. Some of these “square pegs” have cleverly hidden their lack of talent by creating a coterie of government officers – in service or retired – to ghost-run the show. The Pradhan of “square pegs” was the prime beneficiary of bureaucrats and professionals creating a larger than life image of him. But ever since he started paying heed to Sancho Panza and bhakts with Shakha level intellect, it has been all downhill – whether it be economy, COVID management or even at hustings.

The resignation of four chief ministers in six months in states where elections are approaching has highlighted the shortcomings of Parivar’s practice of rewarding its sevaks with top jobs. The nation pays a heavy price for the incompetence of these “square pegs”. They not only spell economic ruin but to hide their administrative divyangta, the Parivar has had to shed its right man in wrong party Vajpayee mask and bare its divisive fangs.

The Parivar is also trying to convert the masses into forelock-tugging sevaks by taking away their livelihoods, wrecking their health by COVID mismanagement and then presenting Ayushman Bharat insurance as panacea and, using state dole outs like subsidised or free ration and payouts like Kisan samman or even MNREGA type employment to make their lives completely dependent on government schemes.

Their policy is a combination of messianic welfarism and retributive Shakha-type psychopathy. If the voters refuse to be manipulated by government freebies then old-style communalism is unleashed to remind them of economic and social threat posed by minorities and even Hindus not subscribing to Hindutva.

The Parivar is assiduously implementing the dictum, history is written by victors. It replaced Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in the pantheon of freedom fighters in government celebration of the 75th year of Independence. Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan had to yield place to Deendayal Upadhyaya and that too in a Bihar university named after him. Not to be left behind, Madhya Pradesh wants to indoctrinate doctors with lessons about Hedgewar. The masterstroke was by Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University which is offering dual-degree engineering students a course on how Jihadi terrorism is the only form of fundamentalist-religious terrorism and has been supported by communist countries such as China and Russia, which has in turn influenced many radical Islamic countries.

The Parivar has always promoted people who dump their own biological parents and siblings to become its sevaks. These power-hungry hatemongers masquerade as members of a social service NGO with no political ambitions when in fact the sole interest of these ideological missionaries is to convert believers in Gandhian principles into nathuRam bhakts and use them to grab power. Once the levers of power are in their hands, they shed the mask of sevak and behave as if the nation belongs to their Abba Jaan. They are aided and abetted by wimps in all four estates of democracy and India Inc, who crawl when asked to bend. Then there are political Judases who grovel for thirty pieces of silver. The tragedy is that it’s the taxpayers who are financing the shenanigans of this Parivar now. Corporate Godfathers buy electoral bonds of a Parivar member as payment for friendly government policies, which even includes sale of national silverware to them.

The Parivar tries to trick the masses into believing that whatever it is doing is for their good. For creating this hallucination it uses what Marx called opiate of the masses. These opiated and opinionated become sub-contractors for spreading Parivar’s communally divisive agenda and use the protection it provides to take out their personal frustrations on society.

This is a vicious circle. The Parivar brass cannot afford to invest in anything except “square pegs” because those who cannot be brainwashed are its natural enemies. These “square pegs” are unfit for round holes and hence governance will always have to be outsourced and talent “purchased” from ideological opponents. These new mullahs will be more loyal than the king and none of them will tell the emperor about his new clothes because they know that “off with his head” is Pradhan’s policy for people with own mind.

This comedy of errors will continue playing out till voters deny “square pegs” access to “round holes”. Else these intellectual divyangs with 56″ ego will keep demolishing the economic and social structures of the nation, little realising that they are cutting the branch on which they are sitting.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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