Passengers being taken by bus and car, the leaders of the ruling party are getting protection. Passengers being taken by bus and car, the leaders of the ruling party are getting protection

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Bus doing ruckus near roadways bus stand in Kannauj.

Outside the roadways bus stand of Kannauj, the travel agency of Kanpur is constantly ragging. Passengers are being taken by bus and car in front of police personnel and traffic personnel posted on picket duty. However, under the Transport Act, no passenger vehicles can be parked up to a kilometer away from the roadways bus stand. Here the ragged vehicles are flouting the orders of the Chief Minister.

Sanjay Kumar Mishra, standing at the roadways bus stand to go to Kanpur, says that roadways buses have to wait for a long time to go to Kanpur or Lucknow. The benefit of which is getting the ruckus buses and other vehicles. The government should either run buses on time or increase the number of roadways buses.

booming business
Vijay Kumar, a resident of Saraimira, who is waiting for the ride, says that on one side there is a lot of ruckus outside the roadways bus stand. On the other hand, there is no fixed time for the arrival and departure of roadways buses. In the morning, there is a shortage of government buses for going towards Delhi, Agra and Farrukhabad, while in the evening roadways buses to Kanpur and Lucknow are not easily available. That’s why the thug business is flourishing.

Roadways Bus Stand of Kannauj.

Chief Minister’s order is not being followed
About two months ago, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had ordered to free the main roads, including the National Highway, from staggered vehicles and encroachments. The officers of the districts had to follow their orders. Therefore, in the name of encroachment, the officers demolished the slabs and tinsheds in front of the shops, but did not show any interest in stopping the private buses that rumble from Kannauj to Kanpur.

Travel agency’s bus fills outside the bus stand throughout the day.
Due to which the bus of a travel agency of Kanpur fills the passengers from outside the roadways bus stand in Kannauj throughout the day, keeping the rules in mind. Under the guise of the same, small passenger vehicles from outside the bus stand also stagger fiercely.

Transport commissioner said – action will be taken
On this matter, the Transport Commissioner of Kanpur Division, Vijay Kumar was talked to, then he categorically refused to talk about the ruckus. At first he was not ready to accept that there is a ruckus here. When he was surrounded by questions from the media, he said that if there is a ruckus, then action will be taken.

ARTO Office Kannauj.

ARTO Office Kannauj.

Loss of revenue due to roadways bus failure
There are about a dozen roadways buses near the Kannauj depot. Apart from this, about 600 roadways buses go to and from the bus stand every day, but the buses of Kannauj depot are in a dilapidated condition. Those who stand in the way every day and then the riders have to wander. Private travel agency buses and ragged vehicles are taking full advantage of these problems of roadways bus.

Transport department is not taking action
Neither the officials of the Transport Corporation nor the officers of the Assistant Divisional Transport Department are bothering to take action regarding the stalking. Even the traffic police are compelled to keep their eyes closed. In fact, the travel agency of Kanpur whose bus runs outside the roadways bus stand throughout the day. She is just being told of a big BJP leader of Kanpur.

Responsible officers have closed their eyes
These buses running from Kannauj to Kanpur are protected by the leaders of the ruling party. Those who are flouting the orders of their own Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath due to their own innocence. About two months back, the Chief Minister had given orders to the officers that there should not be any ruckus in the cities. Roads should be free from heavy vehicles and encroachments. But no effect of this order of the Chief Minister was seen on the officers of the district. All the responsible officers of the district are keeping their eyes closed regarding the stalking.

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