“Passion, Growth, Commitment”: Union Minister Defines India's Youth

Anurag Thakur said the youth is shaping the future of India.

New Delhi:

Union Minister Anurag Thakur today said the youth of the country or yuva is totally committed to India’s growth.

“Yuva means empowerment, development, passion, growth and commitment,” Mr Thakur said at the NDTV Yuva Conclave.

“India’s yuva is so committed that the country has become the third biggest start-up hub in the past 10 years,” he said.

He said that the youth is shaping the future of India and that the term yuva has nothing to do with the age.

“When I look at PM Modi, when he’s flying Tejas or doing deep-sea diving, I realise, being a yuva is about your thinking and work.” he said.

There is a lot of awareness among today’s youth, Mr Thakur said, adding that they also know about their rights.

Mr Thakur claimed that his boss, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the best as he is strict at work, but kind towards the citizens of India.

“Most people here have their bosses. But My boss, PM Modi, is the best. He is the strictest at work, but kindest for the citizens of India,” Mr Thakur said.

“He hasn’t taken a single holiday in 23 years. Even when his mother passed away, he just took a 2 hour break for the funeral and then got back to work. That is the type of commitment the PM has,” he added.

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