Patients do not get the photo of ultrasound report on the slip made for one rupee. Patients do not get the photo of ultrasound report on the slip made for one rupee

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The negligence of the staff posted in the District Women’s Hospital of Lakhimpur-Kheri has come to the fore. Here the report and photo are not made available to the patients on the ultrasound slip made for one rupee. For this reason, brokers get ultrasound done by charging a separate charge to the patients coming here for their benefit. It was told that this system of the hospital is running like this for the last 10 years.

Machine is bad for a long time
Senior radiologist Dr. KK Ranjan tells that ever since he got transferred in this year. Nor have they got the proforma, on which they can make reports and make them available to the patients. The printer of the ultrasound machine is faulty for a long time, which has not been fixed. Even before this, Dr Nayak was posted here as a radiologist, even during his time, the ultrasound department of the District Women’s Hospital has never given any report on the prescribed proforma, nor has the printout of ultrasound been provided to the patients.

There is a gathering in the ultrasound department
Hospital sources say that it takes a doctor about 10 minutes to write an ultrasound report. When the prescribed proforma is ready, it takes only 3 minutes to fill it. Due to this time gap, there is a gathering of women in the ultrasound department. It was told that some brokers are also active here who are not deterring women from getting an ultrasound done by taking 200 rupees. Tightening the screws on them by the hospital administration is like chewing iron gram.

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