People are looking for treatment in Uttarakhand – Haryana due to the situation in western UP, infected in every house | People are looking for treatment in Uttarakhand – Haryana due to the situation in western UP, infected in every house

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  • People Are Looking For Treatment In Uttarakhand Haryana Due To The Situation In Western UP, Infected In Every House

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Saharanpur11 minutes agoAuthor: M. Riaz Hashmi

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The burning of fields, barn bodies, burying, and large manipulation of data in government files continues.

  • The epidemic in the villages of Saharanpur, Shamli and Muzaffarnagar in UP has gone out of control

The corona epidemic in Saharanpur division, which has three border districts of UP, is orchestrating. There is no treatment facility nor drug availability. Helplessness and helplessness are such that many of the dead do not have any luck and the system is trying to control data and fill positivity in lifeless papers.

The fields and barns of this green revolution area in the Doab of Ganga and Yamuna are now being used for burning and burial. There have been reports of 10 times more deaths in every district than normal days. The disease here is inhabited from house to house. In such a situation, people are getting admitted in the cities of neighboring states of Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal for treatment.

Health facilities are inadequate in 5 tehsils and 11 blocks of Saharanpur district with a population of about 35 lakhs. The chaos is that the only medical college does not have a place for the sick. Apart from those who died without treatment, the bodies of those who died in government and private hospitals are being handed over to the family members, thereby increasing the scope of infection.
Transition spread rapidly after panchayat elections
The infection spread rapidly in the villages after the panchayat elections. An average of 15 people die each day in each of the 11 major towns. Most private physicians’ clinics are also closed and medical stores are inundated with essential medicines. There are four government and 5 private Kovid hospitals, with only 140 isolation beds and 36 ventilator facilities. Whereas the latest official figure of corona active infectives is more than 7500 and it has been increasing by an average of more than 800 every day since a week. On the other hand, to prevent infection in the villages after the panchayat elections, Commissioner AV Rajamouli has started daily review meetings with the DM, SSP of the three districts.

Shamli’s picture is shocking
Shamli district, located just 100 km from the capital of the country, is just 9 years old. In the official records here, even though the number of active cases of Corona is more than 2400, more than 350 are added to it everyday. In this agrarian area with a population of about 14 lakhs, the facilities did not develop as fast as the political crop grew. 8 to 10 dead bodies are being brought daily in 5 cremation ghats of the towns. On average, this number was only one on an average day.

The average of about 50 dead people buried in farm barns and burials in cemeteries on a daily basis is different. But only 36 people have died in government files of those who died of corona. Says a senior doctor associated with the IMA, “Here one in 10 people in the city and one person in every household in the villages are infected.” Oxygen is a major problem for isolates in the home.

70% of Muzaffarnagar’s rural population at risk, infection and death figures continue to rise
Muzaffarnagar is probably witnessing so many deaths simultaneously in the epidemic after the 2013 riots. Before the election, the number of corona infected was around 100 per day, now it has crossed 400. The number of deaths recorded on paper is only 2-3 every day, but the conditions of cremation and cemeteries are enough to devour the situation.

People in prosperous areas like Meerapur, Jansath, Khatauli, Mansoorpur, Ramraj, Rohana are not able to save their people from getting sick and dying again. Farmer Deshpal Singh Panwar says that 5-7 dead bodies brought in ambulances are shed by the Ganges every day.

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