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‘People of Maharashtra My Priority Since Day 1’: Ajit Pawar Responds to Critics Amid Graft Charges – News18

‘People of Maharashtra My Priority Since Day 1’: Ajit Pawar Responds to Critics Amid Graft Charges – News18

Taking to X, Ajit Pawar said he had never switched parties in his entire political career. (PTI)

Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister made a passionate appeal ahead of the assembly elections, asking voters to support leaders who work on the ground and make a difference

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president Ajit Pawar on Thursday shared a video on his official X account, addressing key points about the budget, opposition criticism, and corruption allegations against him.

In a heartfelt message, Pawar spoke about his commitment to development and the challenges he faces from political adversaries. “I have never switched parties in my entire political career,” Pawar emphasised. “Since day one, the people of this state have been my only priority. I was with the people then, and I am with the people now,” he said, reiterating his dedication to public service.

In the video, Pawar highlighted his continuous efforts for development, saying: “Every decision I make is with the people’s best interest in mind. My focus is always on speeding up progress. This budget was crafted with that vision. Those who criticise it should be scrutinised closely — they are the ones trying to block the flow of development and keep you from benefiting from government schemes.”

Pawar also addressed concerns about provisions for farmers in the budget, asking: “Were they asleep when I presented the budget? We announced a Rs 5 per litre subsidy for milk producers, yet the Opposition seems clueless. They have no interest in the state’s progress; they just want to play politics. Our rural schemes are making a difference, but it seems to bother them.”

Making a passionate appeal ahead of the assembly elections, he said: “Our sole agenda is development. The Opposition will try to mislead you, but don’t fall for their dirty politics. Avoid leaders who only talk and support those who work. Stand by the leaders who get things done and vote for them.”

He added: “I’ve done a lot of work and, for those who might have forgotten, I urge you to look into who initiated these development projects. I’m confident you’ll find my efforts there. In politics, those who work hard often face more opposition. False corruption allegations were levelled against me, but not a single one has been proven, and none will be.”

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