People should act responsibly and follow protocols strictly, says 83-year-old survivor

Suffering, trauma that the disease brings can severely affect patients and family members, he says

Last year, during the COVID-19 outbreak in Kerala, 83-year-old PO Shamsudeen, resident of Pattayam panchayat, was quickly moved to the hospital after he turned positive for the virus.

The octogenarian contracted the virus from his grandchildren who returned from Dubai. Besides his age, what bothered the family and the hospital authorities was that he had already undergone two open-heart surgeries and had been operated upon for prostate. There was total panic in the family, as not just him, but 10 others in the family were also affected by the virus.

Mr. Shamsudeen said the term COVID-19 was relatively a new one, which had already created a chaos after it hit China and many countries, killing several people.

He recalled that he had to stay in the ICU for 47 days before being declared out of danger.

“I could survive the virus due to the care and attention given by the State and the hospital authorities in Kannur Medical College hospital,” he said.

“The suffering and trauma that the disease brings can severely affect the patients and family members. Besides, they can also become a carrier of the disease. Hence people should act responsibly and follow COVID protocols strictly.”

Today, Mr. Shamsudeen is busy creating awareness about the disease through social media and by talking to people, especially migrant workers.


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